CCP Take my money!

I’d really like to play EVE and I want you to take my money!
it’s 2019, Is griefing still an issue?

  • Small wars between small entities are less common, “blanket wars” waged by larger groups are a little more common
  • Wars can only be waged between corporations that have structures. Corps without structures are immune from war
  • Suicide Ganking and bumping are still the same as they always have been
    – People are still shrill about it
    – The same tricks and tips for avoiding it are valid

Overall: Actual, meaningful combat is not as common as it used to be. Some have gotten more creative about destroying/trolling others, but repeated nerfs have forced people to consolidate into larger groups to offset costs… which makes them less assailable and less “fun” (my opinion of course).


If it’s legitimate griefing, then no it is not an issue because CCP handles it.

If it’s hurt feelings because someone got ganked, then that’s also not an issue. That’s a thin skinned crybaby.

You forgot the evil laugh after that statement.

I have been suicide ganked a couple of times. Laugh about it (in convo with the ganker) and go buy a replacement ship. It’s all part of the game.

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