War Deccing newbro corps

(VMarshall) #21

Im a vet and i agree on this statement

(Solecist Project) #22

You. Can. Leave.

You blame others for your, or your CEO’s, inability to teach you how to leave.

It’s dead easy. Have you cared about asking, or learning?

And why did they dec you in the first place?
Did you, by chance, deserve it?

Where does your post explain the reason why you are being camped?
Why is it that people like you never mention their parts in these stories?

Any and all war dec changes will not change that dumb people are supposed to be improving, instead of asking smarter people to go stupid so dumb people can ■■■■ up the gene pool even further.

So … answer my questions above.

So far all I see is someone being full of ■■■■.

(VMarshall) #24

My suggestion for OP would be

Disband the corps, pick trustworthy friend to fly with. Instead of corps you should start from fleet ops, to have 3-5 friend playing with you in the same timezone is fun. Give it a try, you can always infiltrate another corps, etc.

To be clear with you, EVE is not an easy game to get into. You need to find a way on your own situation.
You can always leave the corps and pick new plan to go

(Solecist Project) #25



OP is fake.

The whole corporation loses more in lowsec than in highsec.

OP is only whining for himself. The corp he’s currently in is in no way or form one that needs to be protected, and is definitely not suffering from Wars.

OP is full of ■■■■ and a propaganda muppet.

(Scipio Artelius) #26

We were all newbros once, and many not that long ago either, so it isn’t just an issue of vets in a 15 year old game picking on new players.

We’ve all been through it and while many of us sympathise, whining doesn’t get much respect, because we all know that this is just part of the game and it’s possible to learn, just like we all have.

I don’t consider your OP a whine so much (parts of it), but as a newbro, it’s also possible to understand the perspective that many of us come from, since we have all had that same experience and it isn’t really an issue.

(Predvodnica LSG) #27

But CCPs will rather have 10 whining subscribers than only one hard-core gamer.

10 subscriptions are more money than one subscription, PA found a way for that in Black Desert Online and we will see will it applay into Eve Online ??

(Scipio Artelius) #28

I don’t think you have any clue what CCP want. You just shoot off posts from a position of ignorance like you have a clue when you have none.

There’s certainly no history of CCP acting in the way you describe. That might change, but predicting the future is pie in the sky fantasy until there’s evidence one way or the other.

(Predvodnica LSG) #29

They were losing money for 15 years ( spending investors money ) and now they are bought and must produce profit.

Simple as that :blush:

(Annah Tsero) #30

-Lives in dodi
-gets decced by people who live in dodi

Sure sounds fake seeing how your excuses are just that lol
You don’t need to be in a corp to do things with other players :wink:

(Predvodnica LSG) #31

You do not need to do anything in Eve, You do not need to buy subscription for Eve …

But CCP need and want that you do something in eve and enjoy it and pay subscriptoion …

Tricky situation :wink:

(Teddy Suneater) #32

They War decced us because we were easy targets. I actually had a 30 minute conversation with one of R I O Ts members and the exact reason they stated was “killmails”. I assume that means our isk to snuff us out. So no we didn’t “deserve” this at all. Like I said us and the 99 other newbro corps they have war decced didn’t “deserve” this. So there is your answer, and as for leaving I did leave, but lost a nice vexor in doing so while trying to get it out and go to another station. Basically the guys camping us stated the exact same thing “don’t come to main trade hubs ever again and we won’t be camped”. Is this the way I want to play the game? No. Is this the way I’m forced to play the game from now on? Yes.

You obviously missed the ENTIRE point of this post. And fell right into the stereotype I stated in my original post of “blame the newbro because he’s a newbro and should learn the hard way”.

(Solecist Project) #33

I see a corp that does very well and often heads to lowsec.
i see you… whining, and nothing else.

I will contact your CEO and ask him to punish you. With your behaviour i am asking myself if you are the reason you got decced. Your corp will do fine without you.

(gnshadowninja) #34

Come to high sec and fight us? Bet our 105-1 KDA you won’t.

(Solecist Project) #35

Didn’t you know? When you hide in a big group and push F1 …

… then, and only then, you’re a real man and it’s real PvP!!!1111oneoneone

(Myxx) #36

why though? we have all the content we want right in our space here. wars are silly.

(gnshadowninja) #37

Then why would be come to null? Because some brave newbie guy who flies in F1 ferox fleets calls us out?

We were playing in null before you even started the game (and still do) so jog on

(Tater-nuts) #38

Stop talking out of your ass. Whenever we come out to null to fight, it’s a stampede to dock up that would rival the migrating wildebeests. You only want to fight if you can drop caps or have at least 200 ships ready to go. Sov null sec is by far the most pathetic space in EVE, filled with loud mouthed cowards.

(Myxx) #39

ironic considering most highsec wardeccers sit in trade hubs and camp people in, don’t you think? I mean, you are absolutely not a threat to us outside of to people just joining us that haven’t moved yet. Which is sad, really.

(Black Pedro) #40

Is it? Those ISK totals don’t get that way just preying on two-week old new players who own nothing. Most of the value of those kills are careless veterans, both highseccers and nullsecers, failing to take sufficient precautions and being ‘denied’ access to trade hubs via lasers, missiles and/or antimatter.

Call it what you want, but claiming the space around a trade hub and enforcing that claim with violence is perfectly acceptable sandbox gameplay. I think everyone would like a system that keeps real new players and harmless casuals out of the line of fire, but it is absolutely false to claim these folks are the only players to lose ships to those playing the trade hub domination game. Mostly, it is clueless, and rich, established players who are too lazy or too incompetent to protect their stuff.

(Myxx) #41

Yeah. thats fair. I went and looked at the war report since august of this year. its largely killing our wormhole corp while they do logistics in moving ■■■■ in and out of their hole which is just them being careless.

All you are saying is reinforcing my above advice: get an alt hauler that can’t be subjected to wars and do trade hub business with that. there are entire corps and groups that will do that for you, OP.

PS: the difference between us is that you shoot freighters and those unprepared to shoot back. We shoot things that return fire.