War Deccing newbro corps

(Lugburz) #42

tbf brave are ■■■■

so is the battle report

so is your thanatos fit

and your killboard is highly representative of someone who literally presses f1

(Solecist Project) #43

Myxx’s solo kills, ladies and gentlemen.

For those who don’t want to click…

1 Imicus
3 Ventures

(Myxx) #44

that kill was from the ualx hellcamp, so yeah, it was a little lopsided.

and to be fair, most people in this game aren’t very good. most of us are ■■■■ at it. i know i am.

(Solecist Project) #45

Yeah and most people who know they aren’t good keep their mouths shut, button pusher.

(Lugburz) #46

well if your gonna trash talk others be sure youve gone looking for them first :wink:

(Lugburz) #47

wardec pussies lol :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry couldnt resist lol

(Myxx) #48

At least I put ■■■■ at risk and learn from my losses, the carrier I lost died doing what it was meant to do, which was fighting. It had a good life.

oh, and OP? learn from this. you can get certain kinds of people really bent out of shape if you know how. its pretty entertaining.

(Predvodnica LSG) #49

You think you are good ingame and you will set the rules?
Nope, PA will set the rules and if you threats their rules or profit they will eliminate you veeeeery fast. :blush:

(Lugburz) #50

not sure id call undocking in 90 man gangs is what id call risk tbh

whats with all the kills that are brave vs brave?

(Myxx) #51

the brave vs brave kills are our pirate day 24 hour NPSI fun fleets where we go from NBSI to NPSI and murder each other for laughs. the brave blops group got together and bombed a bunch of ■■■■. some other legacy alliances got in on the fun, too.

(Captain C0ld) #52

OP, if you are being “camped”, why don’t you relocate? High sec is a big place. There is always the possibility of you catching someone else’s attention, but this is MMO, interractions and content keeps us in it.

Trust me, you will get bored if you do the same things for months. Think of the wars as a diversity.

(gnshadowninja) #53

My Proteus is worth more then your carrier, my implants are worth 4 times your carrier.

Please tell me again how I don’t put anything at risk.

Congrats, you fired at a dread with 68 other pilots. Pat yourself on the back I’m sure he put up hell of a fight.

(Myxx) #54

what was that number that ccp burger mentioned? 5 groups doing 50 percent of all wars, and there being one loss or so for every what? 200? kills? Some insane odds like that mean that statistically speaking, its extremely unlikely you’ll lose anything, and if you do you’ll have earned more from loot between losses to more than offset the loss. theres no risk in it imo. plus, you have the benefit of neutral logi on alts in the event you do get attacked.

i don’t particularly have any respect for your playstyle, never have.

(gnshadowninja) #55

0.0001 is still a risk.

I know them statistics are great, glad to see my hard work paid off.

Everyone has the benefit of neutral logistics, same as they have the benefit of scouting but people still don’t do it.

(Myxx) #56

strictly speaking, sure. in any practical sense? no. that isn’t risk.

(Lugburz) #57

I do, in highsec usually on buzzard alts; sometimes a neutral logi - but its a heavy and awkward way to play the game tbh when i can just take a frig or cruiser through null or low.

The amount of logi used in comparison to other areas makes it more awkward i think, in low you might encounter 2 in a ten man gang, in null oddly less than that but i think thats to do with gate/station guns.
With hs mercs its not uncommon to see 3 or 4 logi pr 1 or 2 dps, havent found a way around this that doesnt require using several alts or team players tbvh. I dont have the best computer and screens set up to be playing like that.
Tackle very rarely pulls like in null or low :frowning:

If you could use command dessie mjd and only go suspect that might change it up a bit.

Last time i was looking at pirat in jita i got the impression theyre mostly using cloaky gank proteus too only going to a gate when a viable target is spotted?

(Teddy Suneater) #58

You are confusing two SEPARATE topics you ignorant child lol. Lowsec small fleet PvP vs Highsec newbro war deccing is VERY much different. Before you go and attack someone new at the game you might want to educate yourself on how do approach a conversation with tact and not immediately cry. My original post had some whine too it, but it also had some very real topics of conversation. Not just for me, but for the whole of EVEs NEW population (which in fact in very much needs). People like you will defend a broken system till it takes the game down, then you sit with your twiddling thumbs going “well…at least I TOLD HIM”. Get over yourself man, this is about a game that I thoroughly enjoy, and would like to keep enjoying just as many others on here. Yea my SMALL corp might SMALL fleet in lowsec from time to time. But guess what, that doesn’t and shouldn’t make us a target for highsec war dec trolling. But guess what STILL OFF TOPIC. The original topic of this was to state how BROKEN highsec war deccing is, YET you decide to go off the rails and try to state a completely moronic view on “oh they do small fleet PvP so Highsec War deccing is OK”. This was your thought process.

In ending please think before you reply to any more of my posts. I really don’t want to explain the process of conversation to you again.


(Winston Onzo) #59

I agree with what OP has stated about the broken War Dec system. my small Hisec corp was “decced” just for easy kills because Hogs lost a lot of isk in a previous war (which they only got 1 ship loss out of deccing us)… So deccing a new corp, or a small corp in general from some trade hub campers just to take their losses out on someone else is just ignorant and whiny. Can’t wait til december.

(Solecist Project) #60

And this is why you get war declared upon you.

It is the same corporation.
Your corporation.
It has the means to fight back, or to teach how to evade.

How about someone new to the game, you, understands that he has absolutely no understanding of the game. How about you listen to what those, who are not new, have to say. How about you accept that you are a clueless little whiner who believes he has a say in things, while he is incapable of dealing with the possible consequences stemming from what he is saying.

If you are so smart, then answer me this: WHY did you not think of the possibility of you gathering your corporation even MORE war declarations, thanks to this whine fest you call a thread? Why, Mr. Smart Guy who thinks he’s on the same level as the experienced players, did you not think of that? Why are you deliberately, or out of sheer ignorance, putting your corporation at additional risk ?

Tell me! Why?

(Alessa Khan) #61

i think one of the main issues with your corp is that you decided to live in Dodixie. i dont advocate in favour of wardeccers and i welcome the temporary solution of limiting wars against people with structures but im sure some of these difficulties could have been solvented by moving the corp to a less populated region.

Essence and Sinq Laison are very crowded regions, the Gallente Federation have more places to settle. if you worry about the logistico of moving goods from your base back to the trade hub well you can always move stuff in a neutral alt or something.

i dont think these Wardec corps will really chase anyone around the whole of high sec so i dont see why settling your corp right near the trade lanes knowing that they are the most obvious place to get ganked or wardecced.