War Deccing newbro corps

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This thread:

All it needs is a look at the killboard and the kills done by RIOT. The issue isn’t the war deccers, it’s incompetent people thinking there’s no chance of surviving. People like the OP, who has lost a Vexor and several ventures plus pod to RIOT.

This is not a legit complaint about being griefed, this is an incompetent whiner abusing “think of the new children” simply because he is either unwilling, or incapable, of learning how not to die. Something other people in his corp seem to be able to deal with due to the fact that they’re doing low sec roams, or for whatever reason they magically manage to not die to RIOT, and I see no evidence of RIOT massively killing everyone in a corporation of 41 members. His belief that “one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other” is nonsense, because the game does not work that way.

Your corp members are part of your social circle. They don’t whine in here, you do.
They don’t die. You do. Well except that one other guy. Out of 41.

I really tend towards OP being just an alt of someone making a bad attempt of an anti-wardecs propaganda thread, but in the end is this nothing but a rant born out of the fact that he was exploding. If he truly cared about “new players” then he would not be putting his corporation at additional risk by posting here, which means that he made this thread for his own selfish reasons only.



I humbly request review of my arguments …
… and I request closure of this thread for ranting and/or for being full of ■■■■.

Thank you.

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I can almost see the pizza grease sweat dripping down your brow right now. The heavy breathing as you smash your keyboard with all of your might as the leftover pepperoni from last nights meal sticks to your shirt like a worn badge of honor. You are honestly the definition of a pathetic internet troll. It’s hilarious how a new person at the game has a vet like you this up in arms about to push your face through the computer screen. Wipe the pizza sauce off your face, take a break from the computer and compose yourself the next time you type in a form. With your berating attitude and lackluster sense of how to talk or deal with people I can imagine you’re probably a lonely, lonely soul.

Brush it off man, this wasn’t directed towards you, this was directed as feed back from a new player to EVE’s creators as to maybe make the game SEMI more friendly towards them to bring in a good population. Believe me, I’m all for the complexities of a video game, but something needs to be done about this crap. Now put your big boy panties on, take a deep breath and repeat after me “I’m not a keyboard warrior, im a 35 year old mouth breather living in a basement. I do not have any power over a keyboard or through the internet, and I will never amount or solve anything by acting this way to people I don’t know”. There doesn’t that feel better?

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Honestly man, from reading this the only person now that I see ranting…is you haha.

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Well, the problem is that 10 whining subsriptions is less than 1 hard core gamer with 40 of them. That is what you and others like you often forget - we often subscribe multiple accounts. All the way to over 20 of them. You really need a lot of whining subscribers to cover same given number of hardcores.

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Furthermore I actually really do appreciate the advice a lot of these individuals have given me on how to avoid these war decs. I managed to move my character out of system and a few systems away from it so I can actually play the game. I ended up just making a hauler alt and contracting all my ships out to it to move. It’s tough having to haul back and forth from a trade hub 15 jumps away but if that’s what I need to do to get stuff done then that’s what needs to be done. Thank you all for your input, it really did help!

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I’m actually going to chime in on this since I work with a lot of game developers. This is by far the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. If ANY other multiplayer game used this sort of logic they would be dead within a week. Why do you think games are always trying to attract new customers with expansions, new content, promotions etc? Because games SURVIVE AND NEED new players. If you don’t understand this then you probably haven’t been in a business class.

(Sade Musana) #68

Are you saying the hardcore gamers pay for 20/40 accounts a month?

Or do they rely on the whiney subscribers to pay for their accounts?

(Sepheir Sepheron) #69

Dry …

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Rather, I think it’s more likely that combat corps will start turning Highsec into Renter Space. Pay them to get access to structures, or else have your structures blown up. Medium sized Corps will have trouble expanding into the structure gameplay without following and feeding some larger combat oriented corp.

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To be quite frank: That’s how EVE used to be and it grew a lot more than it does today. In a way you are at fault for decrying this process as unfair when there are in fact lots of remedies to navigate these war decs. Back when wars were worse than today, people came to EVE in troves and stayed.

The declaration from RIOT “never to come to a trade hub again” is nothing but empty words. Grab a couple of gank destroyers or cruisers with your corp and kill one of their shiny ships after you baited it into aggressing one of your ships and they will think twice about bothering you. There were 305 characters in that Chaotic Legion corp you were in before. It is incomprehensible to me that you can’t find 10-15 guys in Thoraxes. Ruptures, Blackbirds and Celestii to gank one of their Lokis. Or their 1B PVE Phobos who fell like a muppet to a suspect bait.

The corp motto of Chaotic Legion is If you’re a fearless fighter, an explorer of the deep ends, or a greedy merchant, you’ve come into the right place! Maybe you should have reminded that corp of their motto and suggested to remove it if they do not follow it through. From your reports it seems that they have a somewhat different idea of “fearless” than the rest of reality.

Wars are not the issue. People’s behavior is.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #72

True, games need new players. The problem is when you get whining alpha on non playing asshole (by his own admission) trying to dictate what the game should be. Sorry, but you can’t just say 10 new customers are better if they end up spending less than one your change is going to drive away. Just look at what predvonica wants - he won’t be satisfied till there is no pvp in hi sec. But that would crash economy which would drive away industrialists (you do realize that industry is pure game of alts, right?) and traders (once market saturates there is no business). Add to this all the gankers (many of which have 3 to 5 omega accounts, some upwards of 25).

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Does it matter? Anyway I don’t have any data as to how many are plexed and how many are paid for…

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In practice low sec is bigger than hi sec. Because you can’t just traverse large swaths of it w/o much care given. Chances are if you bring 100 man fleet by the time you finish travelling 10-20 jumps you will be left with 80. Any stragglers get killed, such is the nature of ls. If someone doesn’t like you they will drop caps and supers on you. Can’t say the same about hs - in fact you can do 50 jumps there w/o being bothered at all. So saying that one can move away is not correct - unless you move to hs pocket which is probably best solution when it comes to dealing with wardecs.

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Yes that is my agenda and I fight for it because I know that for any ganker leave HiSec 50 newcomers will subscribe to Eve.
15 years of unlimited aggression in Eve drove CCP near bankruptcy, now is time for change.

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We blow up the whiney subscribers, get ISK and buy plex for our accounts. The plex was purchased by another player at a higher rate then subscription so CCP earns more.

Either way CCP wins and yes, we have alot of accounts.

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You got a proof of that? Cause when it comes to ganking CCP has proof for inverse correlation.

(Predvodnica LSG) #78

That “analytics from 2015.” was a big mess, and at the end of the day someone should take ownership for that.

But I got a proof that at 2016. investors asked for CCP cca 900 M$, and today they got 225 M$ and one day they MAYBE will got 200 M$ more.

(Sade Musana) #79

Yes, it does matter, because 1 hardcore gamer paying CCP 0 dollars, is not as profitable as 10 whiney subscribers paying for 10 subs and 40 months of PLEX.

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That’s a dangerous bubble to live in.

Remember, this was CCP who brought this to the attention of the players, not the other way round. They have the data, and if that data is showing players who were spending money are leaving and not coming back, who will pay for the lots of accounts you guys own?

Your system only works if there is an infinite supply of people who are willing to continue throwing money at a game in an increasingly competitive PVP gaming market.

(gnshadowninja) #81

Considering most vet players keep their accounts up through skill point farming the only time this ‘bubble’ would pop is when Eve dies.

The players (including myself) have been bringing this to CCP attention for years, who would pay? Us like we did 10 years ago until plex came out.

If absolutely worst case 1 hour real work = 1 plex (for most people), Hell be alot quicker then the 5-6 hours I spend on Eve most nights.

Say I have 6 accounts I pay through plex, someone has brought that plex for $15.

$15 x 6 = $90

or if I pay monthly it would be $10

$10 x 6 = $60

CCP has made $30 dollars extra per a month from one customer, I am able to pay for my plex with ISK and some muppet can officer fit a raven with his mums credit card.