I now feel that I have been wardecked 12 March and 14 April

After logging into Eve after the restart I see the words

Skilling is just a means…

Why did I just feel that I am now at war?
I know what it is like to have a war declared on my corp Frostpacker and I feel that I am now at war vs everyone in Highsec.

Time to sit docked while wearing improved implants and wait out this new style of wardec?

I think you can go with cheap ship and try to have a convo with some new person, if you want to have some cheap SP, 2 duels and you both have it. Whats really needed is some communication.

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The issue is not the obtaining the free skill points, I sort of feel that I might now become a target.

Declaring war is a lot more expensive than talking with people.


Go to lowsec. Be an actual target. Learn to play.

Jump into a wormhole. Shoot everything that moves. Have fun.


If you are in space, you are potentially a target all the time, no matter is there an event going on or not.


I prefer to be lazy and will go with friendly cheapo SP popings.

Nah I have a permit for when I undock

You may feel that you have become a target, but unless you’re in a very cheap and easily popped ship, lingering in traffic areas you are unlikely to be.

Concord is still there, the SP isn’t worth much especially right after a previous SP event. Few people are likely to throw a ship away just to score some SP (in high sec, at least).

The vast majority of players will simply make arrangements to meet and trade kills with other players. But if you don’t feel like you can manage approx. 10% more risk than usual (guessing), then don’t undock in anything you think might get blown up.


That only covers certain groups. It’s not universal.

Well I’m not seeing gangs of gankers roaming round the 0.5 system I operate from…just folk doing what folk usually do :grinning:

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Combat is interesting.



As the rewards seem to be the same as the PvE ones, I doubt it’ll make much difference.

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This doesn’t change anyone’s ability to attack you like a war dec, you are confused.

Like others have said, players tend to go for the cheapest, easiest, and quickest ways of achieving their goals. Moreover, a lot of people don’t think 10k SP is even worth bothering with. So, a lot of players aren’t going to do anything different; they’re just going to carry on with their normal activities,. And it’s likely that most of the people who are incentivized by the SP are going to try to min max the event. And going out ganking newbies or whatnot isn’t very efficient in terms of time or isk.

Also, your name sounds like you have a weird fetish involving snowmen :slight_smile:

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Good thing CCP’s in-game events don’t care about your feelings.

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One possible solution for the moment is to get a clone created with cheap or no implants and run that for the duration. Go back to the expensive clone once the event is over. Your training will suffer a bit, but if it’s a worthwhile trade-off for not having to replace high-priced implants if you do get popped, then that’s an option.

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“Kill a pod worth 100 million or more, get 100k SP.”

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Corpses, frozen or chilled and well I am a snowman.

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