Server population observation

This weekend population server is lower by 3-4k ppl than the last one.

A dip over the course of one week is not a trend. It’s a dip over one week.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


if you been paying attention to other parts of the forum you would see that a lot of our UK brethren have not been able to log in due to ISP issues.


Who cares about the Eve server? I have noticed that forum posting has been way down the last couple of days.


Well, it’s pretty hard to participate when you can’t even say blue and yellow in threads. Not even Skyrim references are safe.

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Wow, this really sucks! Going by that trend, the game will be completely out of players by the time summer rolls around!

All of the juicy stuff is happening C&P and PvP Ships & Modules these days.

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The new born player graph is the real concern as it is nose diving hard. This tells us 2 things, fewer new players are joining and subbing to Eve & even more concerning is that CCP are not banning as many bots to keep the PCU up hence no new bots are being made.

Couple this with near continuous daily login rewards & things are not looking too peachy for CCP, loss of critical mass approaches.

Pay to Earn coupled with account verification might be the headline this game needs to get it off life support.

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No it means people make less mining/production alts. Which is good.


All it tells is, there are less characters made per day.

Please shove that idea in your ass.


First off it’s not continuous if it’s ‘daily’ which means once per 24 hours.
Second there’s nothing wrong with daily loggins.
And third CCP doesn’t need P2e to keep EVE Online afloat.
Players want bug fixes, mechanics improvement and content, not the latest trendy online gimmick.


it’s continuous if it’s been correct for a continuous amount of time.

eg the sun’s been continuously rising in the east and setting in the west.

you can have a continuous effect (rising) on a discrete set (days). Continuous refers to the relative density in the set. Of course, you can’t have continuous real function on a discrete set (therefore only predicates).

But yes otherwise.


Hope your connectivity issues are resolved soon!


The #%@^ flu is cutting into my online time.

With a game were “playing it” is completely optional, a dip in logged in users means nothing. I have “played” Eve now for almost 2 years and were actually logged in for a total of 50 hours in total yet I have had an Omega account for the entire 2 years.

Basic Eve cycle:

  1. Design/redesign cool ship in Simulator.
  2. Que skills.
  3. Log off and wait for them to train.
  4. If ((casual) && (can_afford))
    Log on after a few days, buy plex and convert to ISK.
    Log on everyday and farm ISK for ship.
  5. Buy ship and fit it.
  6. Blow stuff up or mine something what ever the ship in step 1 was designed for.
  7. Repeat…

There are other cycles in Eve as well. You may farm ISK to buy plex to get Omega or what ever you do in Eve, but most of the players are doing this.

Depending on what step 4 you follow, that will determine how often you log on.

im from the UK and no problems logging in im in notts robin hood land

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Ah…that must have been when the resonance cascade occurred, just after I tried to get a Catalyst to 700 DPS…


Nothing could possibly be happening somewhere on the planet that could cause a dip in numbers… nope.

Just a literal M2-XFE happening right now.

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How odd. I can think of half a dozen other major wars, occupations, invasions, etc off the top of my head. What makes this one special to EVE players currently online?

I mean, other than a large portion of the player base being propagandized exceptionalists.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

The sky is falling.

I was gonna make a joke….