Is EVE actually dying?


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I suppose if it’s a question of trend analysis, EVE’s numbers aren’t any better than they were 3 years ago, much worse than they were before that, and now includes significantly more non-paying accounts. There was a peak for Alphas, followed by a heavy bottoming out, which translates into a huge gain of unpaid accounts and a huge drop in paid accounts. At best EVE is stagnant. At worst, and most likely, is it’s getting ready for another drop within the next couple months.

Not counting strict numbers there are the non-measurables. I haven’t gotten the vibe of an excited CCP in years, and more recently I’ve been getting a demoralized vibe I haven’t seen since post-incarna. They seem to be constantly reorganizing the company with nothing to show for it. I understand CCP was terrible to work for at its peak, but at least they seemed excited.

edit: if you want to talk financials, they do seem more financially ruthless, and a little desperate. Their numbers probably read good, but not from improving the game, mostly from stupid cosmetics and accounting tricks to make the loss of VR look like a profit.


its going to be a great moment when CCP management gather all their employees and developers around and say; “This is your two weeks notice.”

And the EVE Online servers get shut off at the end of those two weeks.

And everyone will finally have closure! Its done! Its over. Its Gone. Its finally dead.

The internet and Gaming will seem like a brighter place! Without the dark, angry mass of EVE Online casting its dark and hideous shadows all around.

Psychologist will always remember EVE Online, whenever they have to illustrate the concept of “Collective Insanity” to their students. and EVE Online will furnish many examples.

Goodbye EVE Online! We won’t miss you.


EVE has and always will be like 50 guys and their multiple accounts.


For the first time since 2003 I unsubbed my last paid account a month ago.
In honesty it was a difficult call for how much I LOVE eve, but as i said in the “reasons” section for the unsub, i just don’t need to be subbed…

As silly as it sounds is i stayed subbed to not let my skills fall behind, I was proud to have around 250million sp, but then injectors came out and after a while I realised, now people can just out isk my skills, why sub? I am also lucky to have about 200billion in isk, so i unsubbed, if i want to come back I can just injector my face to the high heavens and be right back on track, if not then, well, no issue.

eve won’t die for ALONG time IMO, but I do think alot of peeps in the “around just because I always have been” left in the last few years, I know alot of vets i have known for many many years are no longer playing and my chat chans have been quite empty.

I may be back, I may not be, I obviously still check the forums to see what’s going on so i am obviously not completely over it :smiley:


Eve is dying.


Eve lives.

Eve will keep on dying,

And so, Eve will simply keep on living.

Does that answer your question ?

PS: Im available for 1on1 Zen enlightment lessons anytime, PM me.


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Old EVE is Dead it died the death of a thousand cuts over many years, and the introduction of SP trading finally killed it. However New EVE will live as long as folk keep buying skins or whatever it is they sell in NES.

Not bitter at all , nope not at all :frowning:


1- because who cares what these other people do? Sub lets one fly ships/use stuff they might like.
2- SP might be able to be purchased, but can knowledge of the game be bought?

You wouldn’t have to inject. Your SP you trained are still on your character that went to alpha status when your sub ran out, you just can’t access them as an alpha clone. As soon as you go omega again you will have all the SP you had before. Sign in, buy a bunch of PLEX, and sit on them. If you come back you can just use them to get a month omega time from the plex vault and you’re right back where you were when you left off capabilities-wise. Or just do it now…c’mon…you know you wanna…



EVE is already dead. There’s just been an extended viewing of the corpse for the past few years…


I just resubbed. Theres over 20k concurrency. So, I’m confused.


You realize it used to be over 50k, yes?

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Does the definition of a game being alive require that its player base is only ever expanding or staying the same?

What is the definition of a game being dead, and what number would EVE need to be at for it not to be dead?

Seems pretty much alive to me, across a number of metrics (eg. Continued development, community engagement and involvement, revenue, characters online, marketing, technology).

Still very much alive.


When the active numbers are down 50% from its peak, while it may be “alive” - I wouldn’t exactly say it’s thriving.


Damn you for making me like your post!


So it’s dead or alive?

Consistency is such a confusing concept.


It’s undead.


From my perspective, EVE is very much alive. Spend more time playing and less time worrying about the future, apply this to RL too for an added bonus!


Piiiiix! Hiiiiii!

I am the ghost of April Fools and I will be haunting this forum for one day only. Please don’t ban me, I am just a poor woman being controlled by an evil mind. :frowning:


Eve is still going, like some people tried to keep disco going in the 80s…