New Forum A Bad Idea

It would make the existence of this forum easier for you, wouldn’t it?

It would, yeah, I really do think it would.
We can’t all be Einsteins like some…


You’re not more than a bunch of trolls who complain about their bridge being too small. It doesn’t even occur to you that you might be the reason for why others have moved on.

But here you are, in a thread of the new forum, complaining about what exactly? …

That’s irony.

Good news everyone, in the last 3 days the forum seems to have grown:

Up 326 in 3 days. \o/ forum’s alive.

Perhaps the badge numbers aren’t a great reflection of regular use at all. We don’t really have the data of daily use from the old forum, so it’s a bit hard to compare at all.

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So EVE’s still dying but the Forums are clinging to life?

But I thought:

For all the claims that it’s dead, dying, undead, or whatever inconsistency is used in a thread, there’s a thriving community and thriving game being played.

i miss old forums - plain and simple

Ones post number does not contribute to ones quality of posting.

Also, From a ISD Standpoint, the new Forums are amazing. Everything was done by hand on the old forums. Current forums are much easier to manage.


Considering the distinct lack of people posting and threads being started, I can well imagine how the people who moderate the thing are happy.

It’s kind of like public transit. The crappier the buses, the less people take them, the happier the employees are as they have less to do.

But in both cases the end result is the same. Killing something to make life easier for those who are the custodians is a short term solution at best. Soon enough all the customers find better options elsewhere and those employees (or volunteers in your case) are looking for other things to occupy their time.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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They didn’t get rid of you though.

WE are talking about 15 years of Forums though.

Just in the last 5 years Social norms and what is considered Conversation these days is different. Instead of long thought out paragraphs or discussions, emotes and short sentences have become the preferred means of communication.

This needs to be taken into consideration the age of EVE. It has been around long enough that the way people see normal societal behavior is different.


I would also add to this that where one can see failure one can see success, too, even when it’s the success of other websites, such as Reddit. They simply offer a good service.

All the game-related talk outside of a game does not necessarily have to take place only on a gamemaker’s website. However, in the past was it often the only place where one could talk about it with other fans of the game. This, too, is different now.

I don’t agree necessarily with you regarding the design and function of the forum, but you are quite correct about the “homogenized copy-cat corporate quagmire catering to the least intelligent of social media consumers.”

I feel like even CCP has started to bend under the weight of this lunacy.


That’s nice that things are easier for you and the other Internet Space Dudes, Buldath. Kind of seems more than a few of your fellow eve players disagree that this forum represents improved usability, however.

Golly, sorry you didn’t like my post. (perhaps too meme-y, not a dissertation and/or deemed shiptoasty? Bummer.) At least you don’t kneejerk about any who may not share your views as automatically being trolls, so kudos for that.

It can’t have escaped your notice that quite a few forum posters who frequented the eve forums - folks such as Malcanis (dude was/is a gudposter I think most would say) and Baltec1 etc etc no longer do so. It seems winning-eve type of general gamer attrition wouldn’t account for all of them…

…and reddit is a giant cesspool, Whitehound old chum. The kardashians could be considered a success, but they’re still…distasteful. I resent ccp pushing eve players towards reddit. Sorry that is my opinion.

But if people like these forums and how they have developed or not over the last year or so, fine. Great . Wonderful. Have at it.

Everything is fine.

Malcanis was turning into a burnt out bitter vet even on the old forums. And had basically vanished from them also.
A lot of what you are attributing to the new forums actually happened on the old forums, if you looked at the posting frequency near the end of their life you will see a very different story from what the average say.


Yeah. Bad example.

Then there were the ones going senile like Tippia. Or getting caught in RMT like so many I can’t be bothered to write the list.

Nonetheless, it seems that many of the dedicated EVE players - including many vets - are still posting in forums. Just not this one.

The problem is that some person or group of people had to justify their continued employment at CCP so they convinced the higher ups that this mess would be a good idea.

But the people have spoken. They don’t like it for the most part and many have found other places to discuss the game. I see nothing wrong with CCP realizing that there are two options here. Only two.

Shut it down…or fix it. Wait too long and the decision will be made for you. By the few players left posting here moving on.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I think you are attributing stuff which happened the end of the old forum which declined badly to the new forums.
Actually producing that data is something I can’t do but I do remember a massive decline in the old forums also.

It’s hard to say if I’m giving too much weight to people leaving because the new forum sucks over simple attrition. I may well be biased in that.

But I was looking back over the last month or so of the old forum and a ton of posters were saying they hated this forum and would stop posting once the old one went to read only.

And they did! Haven’t seen them since.

So…as with most things…it’s not any one thing. It’s a combination of things. However, if this one wasn’t crap (in my opinion), I think we’d see a lot more people in here than we currently do.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Took me a few days to acclimatize to the new forum, but I prefer it to the old one. Much better tools to track threads, scrolling threads and for post formatting, especially on smartphone.

Only grievance is loss of interface with EVEMail.

Its for those with goldfish attention spans, that cant string together a paragraph.

It’s really simple: The devs need to start interacting with the “official” forums. Case-in-point: I read about all the new ship SKINs and upcoming Abyssal changes and July updates from a Reddit post on EVE Down Under.

Why isn’t there any official information being posted in the forums?

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