When will there be Eve Online 2

no wow 2 no uo 2 no eve 2
thats the way things are

Lol you are seriously a joke. The problem with the design was literally the opposite. CCP repeatedly nerfed PvP in the game when a majority of their playerbase was PvPers. It was a futile attempt to attract a type of player that would never survive in this game. As such, Eve lost half of its playerbase.

What we need is a eve spaceshooter that isn’t strategic and more action oriented, like BSGO with all features eve online has!

And guess what, me and 6 friends working on it :slight_smile:


The Great Karnak says “never”.

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17 years on the death row and counting.

Best of luck to you!
I hope development doesn’t take too long because lord knows players need an EVE-like game that doesn’t treat its players like mushrooms or walking wallets.

If you need an artist message me in-game. I’d be happy to collaborate for free. Art is a passion for me more than it is a potential income.

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Hey, I’m at work atm better you mail me ingame we can talk there via my eve app :slight_smile:

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An eve dev went away and made EvE 2.0, it is called dual universe. The game was dead on arrival after a member of the dev team leaked that pets would be rewarded with in game credit & get this “botting is not going to be an issue”.

I never looked at it again, as the dev team did not look promising with their comments.

I actually caught up on “DU” & the devs are renegading on pet status. Early backers & “content creators” are having a hissy fit that they may actually have to grind with the plebs without bots.

Imagine an eve without bots or space social welfare for “content creators”. If DU devs keep their nerve then maybe it will be an eve killer but I think they will fold to 1/4 profit like CCP does every patch without fail. DU won’t survive corruption of its sand box it is just too small and this is not the early days of MMO’s.

As blackout showed EVE is just too far gone to stop botting now. Every power house in Eve now has a bot back bone and omg the tears from every corner when you stop them. Anyway China bots best so they’ll win eve.

Its “reneging”

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Dual universe just copied Empyrion and its still way behind Empyrion

I DMed you in game via mail.

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I would go to EVE 2 even if it was only a tad bit better than then current version. At least cap stupidity wouldn’t be such an issue, and idiots with insane amounts of isk would have to bother to do it again. The current version is honestly stupid.


EVE Online isn’t a game as much as it is a way for Russian/Chinese people to feed their families.


Thank you! And sorry to take my time getting back in touch with you in-game. I had important things to attend to these past three days and have not turned on my PC for 3 days , will tell you in my message, you’ll understand.
Been on my phone for the forum while I take care of things…
I will give you my Discord or Messenger info so I don’t have to be logged in EVE just to communicate with you.
We’ll talk soon!

Guess what, I figured and send my discord info to you via ingame mail, BTW there is a eve App :smiley: you can write and read messages with!

Or I can link you an auth. you can use to read the mail in your phones browser

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Oh yes, I wanted to download EVE Echoes last night but I told myself I’d do it in the morning and, of course, I forgot.
Will do it now and set it up :grinning:

Not echoes, eve portal is the app, echoes is that try of ccp getting into mobile games :joy:

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Portal :rofl: Yes that’s what I meant.

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