Online player count drop

When the player count goes up in autumn, it’s because the weather. But when the count goes down in summer, it’s ccp.


Actually i dont say everything is shiny and there is a lot going wrong, but all the time this negativity. Its often just because its that kind of people that needs to rant to feel anything in life. Cpp did this… whine… ccp did that… whineeee … ccp did nothing.,… buaaaah bad ccp.


Don’t worry when CCP fix Low sec and faction warfare the player count will soar!

Im sure it has nothing to do with COVID restrictions being lowered or removed and summer beginning for most kids and families going on vacation and such.


Bro you just described how to work using Agile mentality.

Not sure about EVE, but certainly a nice take on the framework of how to win in uncertainty and deliver value.

I mean nullification delivered value, we just did not find it yet… :skull_and_crossbones:

Fly safe o7

Where’s the drop? I don’t see it.

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If you look hard enough you can see that in this particular timeframe (that most likely is chosen for the purpose of this thread) the average on the right side is slightly lower than that of the average on the left side of the graph. This surely means EVE is dying.

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Is this one of those optical illusions where it looks like a straight line, but then you point out it’s slightly deviating one way or the other?


It’s funny you should say that, I’ve ditched all of my characters, dropped their subscriptions (it will be interesting to see how long I last on that) and created a new one fairly recently who’s only focus is faction warfare.
After all the things I’ve done, seen and loved in Eve, faction warfare seems like the most intense.
I absolutely suck at PvP, have died countless times and even freeze when all those alarms go off sometimes, but the rush… Oh holy cow it’s intense. I’m broke, I’m down to my last few ships again, and I don’t care, if I have to fly my Corvette at least I will never run out of ammo.


Nope, it’s the sort where if you make your self go crosseyed you will see a 3D cat.


We can only hope this trend continues.

oh i see it the little ears cute!

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According to the graph you posted it seems to plateau at 2010 then level off with a bump in 2016. That’s hardly dead. Problem with you doom’n’gloom is you never say when.

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Eve will die on March 32, 2028

There will have been days added to March in 2026 to compensate for changes in Earth’s orbit caused by CERN research.

Good news though. Eve 2 will be launched on March 33 using some insane offspring of the Hadean engine experiments, and yes you can import your old characters. Except for Goons. You will be forced to start over.


CCP listens, a lot. That doesn’t mean they just have to do what players say.

This game continues to change and grow and excite so many people on a daily basis.

These threads keep popping up because so many people are so in love with the game that the idea of it ending is troubling.

Even if it does die, damn it was f-ing mind blowing.

CCP deserves less negativity and trolling and more hugs.




“quality of life” is just the sort of specificity one can really work with.
I suppose this means solid gold cup holders?

Since Korea owns the game, I’m thinking “our” suggestions will now fall on deafer ears than they did before. Nice post, though. Love the graphics!

Another guess, the current drop could also be related to a level of war fatigue down southwest. The uptick in 2020 was probably partially driven by that same war starting in the summer, the blast on the horn of goondor, etc etc.
The finger pointing at ccp some here love to do is business as usual. Only the people who do not log in know the true reasons :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t think EVE is dying … but I don’t think it’s thriving either.

It’s just plodding along … doing its thing.