Poll: Is EVE dying?

You’re a dead man walking, Sol. We all are. Once you come to terms with that, you’ll be more appreciative of what little life you have left.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


We’re always only a few minutes away from death. It’s just that every time we take a breath, it resets the timer.


The counterview would be that death is only avoidable if we will it otherwise?

Running around with this mindset does not mean you’ve settled with your eventual demise.
On the contrary. I’d say it might as well be a part of the reason why there’s so many underachievers.

Scared shitless are you. lol

Most people definitely don’t settle with the fact that they’re going to die eventually …
… no, they’re so ■■■■■■■ scared of it, they use silly terms like “passed away” …
… “left us” … “he went to a better place” … blabla, etc. etc.

You know … words used to avoid talking about the very thing that’s being talking about …
… because people can’t ■■■■■■■ handle just directly saying it how it is …
… because they’re scared shitless.

Considering your reactions it feels like most people are thinking the same way you guys do …
… and most people definitely are scared of death.

Feel free to add one and one together to figure the rest out for yourself.

Always has been.



I think you’re projecting.

YOU’RE the one afraid to die. YOU’RE the one who’s scared.

That’s why you lash out at people who disagree with you. It makes you feel powerless and frustrated and you would like people to pat you in the back and praise you before you have to face the uncertainty of your death.


This thread would have been so much better if the “Always” option weren’t there :stuck_out_tongue:


Meh, I voted always because I knew most would, but I should have voted yes.

As an 08 player, I watched the game grow to 50k avg and rising. Now it’s an avg of 30k and not growing. I don’t think eve is dying, but I don’t think were going see any growth for the next couple of years.

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Plot twist: EVE is already dead, and we’re the maggots that are feasting on its rotting corpse.


Twist twist: its not been born yet

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So true!


I don’t think acknowledging a reality that is certain for all is being scared shitless.

Maybe…but…what is achievement, really?

Well…doubtful we’re going to determine the answer to life, the universe, and everything on the forums of a game we play… (c’mon - somebody take that low-hanging fruit)

As far as EvE dying goes - EvE has been around an amazing 17 years. The way I see it no matter what happens with EvE it’s been a great ride and has made many good memories for me so…que sera sera


Existentialism has entered the chat room.

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Now now, we all know the answer is 42 - but what is the ultimate question?

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Gonna die . . .

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Eve online is already a corpse. Thankfully it’s not buried yet.

Always: 59%
No: 27%
Yes: 14%

Pretty clear result so far.

Unrelated fun fact: The demoscene is dying as well, slowly, spanning decades,
but the difference is that in their context it’s about a lack of creative talent joining.

That can’t happen to EVE, because suckers are born every minute …
… but creative talent is actually rare.