Why do people keep declaring every game dying/dead?

Recently stumbled apon this video. I have always been interested in why people keep declaring games dead/dying. I found it pretty good food for thought.

Normally don’t watch any of these youtubers or reaction videos in general also more good food for thought. If anyone has anything to discuss/add to the thread about these two video’s I encourage it. :slight_smile:

Both people brought up great points. In the end games don’t die until the servers are shut down or VERY darn close to it. (changed my previous stance on a “dead” game)


Nice try, but everyone knows that player counts are down because CCP hasn’t catered enough to my particular priorities.


I’m so glad this game is dying. That provides me with closure, that makes it easier for me to walk away from a game and community that has been an important part of my life for years.


Because some people carve attention so much that they’d do anything for even a slight bit of it, no matter if it is positive or negative just someone look at them so they can feel important and as if delivering some important message.

They also might be releasing their frustration this way and hoping what they say will become true.


I watch Asmongold once in a while. We don’t agree on everything but he’s fun to watch.
Thanks for the first video.

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People are stupid, that sums all my generic healthy beliefs.
If the sun is setting people shouldn’t start screaming that the world is gonna end, another cycle will come tomorrow.

It is expected that people look for something new and then move on, a small group stay behind, this is healthy.

Many years ago people were already saying that EVE was dying and I always took it as a joke, but nowadays I know that EVE is dying for sure, specially dying for me.

What is unnatural and unhealthy? Staying in the same game for many years playing with many accounts and hurting your real life in the process, this is just paranoia 101.


I’ve watched ForceSC2Gaming ever since he was casting Starcraft 2 recordings and giving out mixed cocktail recipes in intros. Every critic has a bias, his tends towards less hype-train, more investigative, cautious. But he is definitely more bent towards “numbers go up” PvE MMOs (his time playing The Division perhaps the exception) – even when I met him in person at Blizzcon, I could not convince him to include Eve Online in his MMO analyses.

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Did you watch Husky’s SC2 vids too when he was still doing that stuff?

No, despite Husky being more popular, for some reason his style/voice didn’t gel with me. Nothing against him, though.

He was definitely on the childish side of things but I guess that’s what made it funny, just some mindless laughter at people messing around in SC. So I can see that not appealing to someone or like in my case depending on the mood. Too bad he quit and took down his videos. Oh well that’s how it goes.

The second video does bring up that social attachment to big MMO games like these. Looking for our “Forever” games. I believe my first forever game is stellaris bought every DLC plenty of great content and I haven’t even touched the surface of the game and I am at 500 hrs.

For EVE I will run out of things to do but still make great memories along the way. I will put down EVE one day. Just the matter of what game will replace the void left and how soon. You don’t see me being a doom caller and so on. I guess I just don’t have such a close emotional attachment to EVE. I think it’s best to stay that way.

Aw. You remember what he thought EVE was? Cool that you got to meet him!

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Games are dying from the moment they are born, just like all of us. Unless you are some kind of secret immortal. :vampire: Ten years ago there were a lot more people in the game, we are definitely at a “stage” in its decline. What stage? I don’t know. However its easy to get a bit disheartened some times .


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