EVE's Early Demise?!

I’m worried about losing my space pixels. Is EVE really going to die prematurely after being around longer than almost every other show in town??


then eve is not a game for you ! go ahead and play other games !

You were quite happy for others to lose 43.4 bn of theirs :slight_smile:

Do you know when games die? When it becomes absolutely unprofitable to maintain them. You can also see the signs of impending demise earlier - firstly, new content stops being added. Then there are no updates or rebalances. Then the team of people responsible for game development is reduced to a skeleton crew. Finally, the GM and mod team try on the official forums and communication channels to still maintain some order and a semblance of smouldering life in the game.

And then you get an email/see in the official forum announcements section/announcement in the launcher that the game is closed. Lots of pompous phrases and thanks for the adventure together, etc.

So far, such symptoms are not yet seen in EVE Online. The game is being developed - it has ambitious plans for an FPS in the New Eden universe, it has the funds to sustain its existence (the Omega subscription is one of the highest in the MMO market), and it should also be remembered that CCP is part of the Korean publisher Pearl Abyss, so there will certainly be money to sustain the game for a few more year (I’m guessing at least until there is some return on the investment in buying a CCP).

But don’t deceive yourself - every online game eventually comes to the end of its life.


it has ambitious plans


NFTs in space!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :psyccp: :popcorn:


But you will get a sense of achievement or fulfillment that lasts even after game closes. You could then play “below the asteroids” and remember how the game would be still around if not for CCP decisions.

Nothing lasts forever. Whatever Hilmar said or shouted on fanfest, like “EVE FOREVAAA!!” is a marketing shtick only.

The fact its major part is on some far away server, and you have to play a client without being able or even being capable of installing whole software on your desktop is a warning sign. Its around only as long as it brings enough money, classic space games where whole installation fits on a disc on your computer will outlive it by decades.

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SWTOR comes to mind.

The doomsday preachers have been around since the Roman Empire. Yet, here we are.


OP is trolling.

She is a seasoned EVE veteran lol. Do not fall for it!

But guys people on the forums are mean. EVE Online will meet an early demise!


Rumor is that there are many other games out there… get this… that actually respect your time and effort and MONEY. And you actually get rewarded for all of that.

Don’t tell anyone…

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Eve is its own reward…but you can never cash in.

How can it be an “early demise”? The game has been running for 20 years. It’s clearly not losing steam - no pun intended - with new add-ons and new ways to play.
I don’t see any demise in sight anywhere.


In two more years, I’ll have been here twenty years.

Even if it shut down tomorrow, my time in EVE would stay with me for the rest of my life. Lots of stories to tell the grand kids about the good ol’ days when EVE was a thing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


All things end sooner or later…

EvE is still a thing for lots of people. I hope I’ll have at least half that amount of time to tell the nieces and nephews about. No grand kids for me.

How many years do you give EVE online? 10? 20? 30?

:joy: :joy:

for him its always dead because gankers are still a thing ! still if they got nerfed into ground …

for me i hope for another 20 years and i give it realistic about 10 years

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The new expac stuff had me swing back jsut a bit. I can’t be the only one.

I return from the supposeldy healthier option…wow. Going to have to define healthier though. Play for say 2 nights and raid/mythic dungeon log the 5 nights left in the week? Yes, that is a very clean bill of health there.

They also haven’t reported subs since warlords expac. All current stats they have are guestimates. Also inflated. 1 account with 5 raid log submitting chars is…5 log submissions. Its still jsut 1 account for payment purposes.

Eve still shows connections count. When the eve launcher stops showing that number, then maybe I’d give doom and gloomers that one lol.