Rerurned player here


Sorry guys, I really tried. I took a break for almost a year but I see the game now collapsed to dumpfire. It’s just not Eve Online anymore now it is an Eve Desert Online.
I better will enjoy bugs while riding my Carrack to Microtech when taking a part in butchering the best game in my life.

P.S. No you can’t have my stuff. I have the last hope for best Korea or Corona will get rid of this abomination.

Signing off.


Good riddance.


why? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

So you couldn’t hack it in EVE, and hope that people die in real life because of your own failures and inadequacies?

I mean it’s fine to not want to play anymore, but that’s just…hmmm… :thinking:

Are you a high-sec miner by any chance?


^^ this guy – yelling at the droves of people walking out of the room like a lunatic barking at the wind.

i give hin a :heart: every time he post “Good riddance.”, i quit topics are so common and i don’t know if people think someone will care ,we like the game, want to quit just do it , tell you mom or something , those people need a hug and them psychologic help

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The idiom is barking at the moon, stemming from the ancient belief that changes in moon phases cause intermittent insanity.

The word lunatic is derived from the Latin word for the moon which is luna.

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So i guess you dont give your assets away because you want to come back.

See you in a couple of month.

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yes , i thought the same
but he must be so attached to his fake things he fear to give them away even if he never comes back
like some kind of undead care bear

I was more focused on the idiot than the idiom.

If that was the case, you might try looking elsewhere; like in a mirror for example.

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duly noted. Thanks for your most meaningful contribution to this discussion.

You should have an apt calling card; may I suggest this one?


people die in real life

People die in real life every minute on this planet. So why not give a chance to cute big bada bum performed by the fat but greatest leader of all mankind, who died and then rose again? We also will get rid of k-pop! Two birds with one stone.

Are you a high-sec miner by any chance?

You are one sick puppy, aren’t you?

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I want to rub that all over my Corpse and have someone else drink it off of me.

Also is that what our pods are full of?

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