Goodbye - Eve-Online Broken and Dead

After 16 years, I am finally fed up. It wasn’t enough, over the years, to alter the game in ways that it is barely recognizeable anymore. Mass amounts of nerfs and changes that have not improved gameplay. Just the opposite. I found no more reason to pay for a subscription. I found no reason to continue flying in null sec. The purchasing of SP instead of earning them ruined life in New Eden long ago and it steadly got worse. Now the last straw? Since I choose to use a VPN, I find myself repeatedly entering my login info every single time as the launcher wipes all my saved account groups. Truly the last straw of inconvenience that convinces me, much like everything else in RL, Eve is rigged and corrupt. Since it is no longer fun to play, I am uninstalling. And no, absolutely NOT. No one will get the billions of isk and stuff. Consider it all blown up in some random WH.

Only botters use VPN’s. Good riddance…


Yep, THATS BS - only those who don’t want the deep state tracking their ■■■■ - puke somewhere else, shill

Go ahead and biomass all your characters.
…or it does not count.


Good riddance


An american eh, well then can i have your stuff before you leave. Someone has to ask may as well be me.

After 16 years, you should know that no one cares about your dramatic quit post. You should also know this belongs in OOPE.

I’ll request it be moved for you. No need to thank me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Thank you.

Imagine thinking that using a VPN makes you think you cannot be tracked or monitored by the so called “deep state”.

Let go of the tinfoil…


Yeah I agree, that Launcher update was crap. It erased my client settings in all 4 of my accounts 3 times last week. I’m still re-doing the settings on each character.

Anyway, it’s to be expected but still sad to see players leave…


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Well, you could give your stuff to friends, donate it to a good cause (i.e. the magic school bus), or to convert it to plex and donate it to plex for good.

And, by the way, I use a VPN and don’t have that problem. If you do decide to stay, you should try asking for help and/or filing a support ticket.

Spies make extensive use of VPN’s. Thieves and awoxers might use them too. Personally, I got one because CCP said that it might help with my DC’s. It didn’t, but I decided to keep it for… other reasons.
No P2W

Oh, I almost forgot -can I have your stuff?

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I recognise that you’re angry and that you don’t want to give your stuff to a person, which absolutely is your right, but if you are going to quit, why not consider giving it to a project? Like Operation Magic School Bus?

That way some positivity might come out of this situation?

Either way, I’m sad that you’re leaving. I don’t know you but any player loss is not good.



I would suggest checking who runs those VPN’s. o7

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exitius vasto exitium EVE is the desolate waste that you left behind.
Don’t go.

grr wrong reply, apologies.

HTFU and git gud using the Client. EVE is obviously not the game for you if you can’t be bothered to deal with the Client.
You know what? I don’t even want your stuff, it’s probably damned.

Belongs to out of pod experience, will notify the mods in a sec to move it where it belongs.

As someone else already pointed out biomass all your chars if you are legit and if you don’t you are a fake.

EVE is clearly not the game for you anymore so good luck finding something that suits your desired playstyle.


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The deep state doesn’t give a damn about you playing Eve Online. They do however, have cameras in your toilet watching you while you poop!

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I knew it!!

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Are you fcking serious right now? Troll.

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