Would the game be better if

the people on reddit left and never returned??

don’t get me wrong i don’t agree with everything ccp has done over the years, past couple in particular! but the fact is that the doom and gloomers on reddit are going to cry and complain regardless! it becomes a negative feedback loop where the game dying does occur because a vocal segment of the playerbase (and lets be honest its mostly former players) won’t be happy until it does!

that sub has been on the decline for years, and i think its a bigger reason why the game is dying than the poorly thought out decisions that ccp is making!

new player goes to eve reddit to ask a question and instead is greeted by one sucky baby post after another! of course its going to put people off!

not saying i have the answers, its just another symptom of the cancer of social media on society imo!


Shitty people living shitty lives who then projectile vomit their shittiness onto others. Happens everywhere and is of all times but these days with social media it’s just augmented and bundled into a sea of whining, crying and general terribleness. The crybabies just have no brakes nor agency, they act like toddlers.


No, the criticism of the redditors is usually justified. They are knowledgeable and often helpful to newbies.

Don’t shoot the messenger. It won’t fix the problems. Fixing the game starts by fixing the actual game.


Conversation and journal-ling helps with trauma.
It is evil to kick out the crutch of the wounded.

The game would be better if CCP delivered.

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Google interest chart for EvE Onine is at an all time low. This is not caused by people whining on Reddit. If the game was really good nobody would care what people on Reddit say. You’re seeing the result, and treating it as the cause.

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What has reddit to do with anything? People here on the forum are just as negative towards CCP as everywhere else. Mind you, the official feedback topic for the Sub Price Chance had more replies initially than the big reddit post.

There are only a select few people and a number of people who don’t have any interest in EVE anyway that are not immediately put off by what CCP does. A company that does such a shoddy job at maintaining their ONE and ONLY product doesn’t deserve to be treated positively or influx and retaining of new cashcows. If Reddit or the general subjectively perceived negative attitude drives away potential new players, it is doing them a favor because it prevents them from falling into the same trap that we fell into.

Do you want to cancel the forum as well just because you can’t deal with some justifiable and objectively warranted negative evaluation and criticism of a company that has proven to be a justifiable and objectively warranted target for a huge portion of the negativity it receives?


Considering that Reddit is even more full of people whining about ganking, begging for the non-consensual PvP to be removed, etc. than these forums, and that the mods there actively support the SJW agenda and will quickly ban you if you even so much as respectfully disagree with those people, I’d say yes.


I think reddit is needed to give CCP quite a wide perspective. Official forums have lose their function of open discussion some time ago, its only an ad board for CCP and announcments are made here.

They dont really care about any discussion in how to do things, maybe only some parameters of items and mechanism here and there, nothing really worth talking about, or what wouldnt flow to the surface just after few sessions with particular spaceship, or structure…

To show that “they are listening” some changes will of course be made, one small number here or there.

Something like pricing, microtranscations, store offers, mechanism making it more “pay to relieve” or “pay to squash dummies”, will not be changed after announcement.


Just about every game I have ever played has been announced as dead or dying most of the time. I can still recall when Elder Scrolls : Oblivion came out and all the Morrowind fans whined about it being ‘dumbed down’ and how Elder Scrolls was on the road to hell. All that whining didn’t stop Skyrim being one of the most successful games ever a few years later…and Elder Scrolls VI is due out this year ( can’t wait ).

I can still recall a huge fuss over Counterstrike mods…some of which are ironically now the all time favourites. Huge fuss ( and claims of ‘game is dead’ ) when Second Life consolidated into age restricted regions in 2011…along with lots of ’ I am leaving…yada yada’…yet the game is still going over a decade later.

So I take all the ‘game is dead’…’ devs are ruining the game’…’ I’m leaving and aint never coming back’ stuff with a grain of salt. I’ve seen it all before so many times that I just yawn.

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But how often is oblivion played?

You are giving examples of a particular offline games, that are qite different to what makes them alive in comparison to EVE which is online. You rather make an argument that the trademarks have survived under different release.

I dont think EVE Online 2 would have any more success than EVE Online. Because who would do it? CCP? They cant give now enough steam to push things for more stuff in game, not mentioning more players who would come after it.

Not mentioning even the rise in prices, not only for game, but at the world scale, which dosnt make things simpler. You can play on alpha and dont give them any money, when you save money for actual living and not on games. The future looks bleak for them.

They broke the game and are now asking the subbers to shoulder the cost of getting EVE back on track - if ever - and you think just shutting up is going to solve the problems?
How many times has the community come up with good ideas, ideas supported by CSM but rejected by CCP because it seems these devs have no imagination or incentives to evolve EVE into something great beyond paying the bills and going on vacations. Somehow they decided a while back to piss off a majority of their playerbase and now those who are left are supposed to pay more, lol, uhm no.

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wut is a re dict?


In the first hour of playing, the average person used to quick understanding and some ability with a game will go, “Nah.”

Ding ding ding!

I think the only people truly “ok” with the rise in sub costs are the players that would prefer it if Eve was a single player game. PCU and a chart of declining google search interest are of no value to them.

They are quite happy to maybe FINALLY treat this game as their solo theme park. A few of them may just want to experience what a dead game is like with their small group of friends.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how much the game cost. Actual individual player numbers have been on a downward path and their approach to the game isn’t sustainable unless you want to play an even worse version of this “Alts Online” or “Multiboxing Online”. I imagine these players view this as an absolute win over gankers. How cute.


Well, I agree with some criticism, and certainly have my own. However, valid criticism or not, they still act like petulant children. Moreover, a lot of their complaints ultimate stem from them being selfish and/or weak.

Take the marauder changes, for example. CCP wanted them to be a high risk, high reward ship, but accidentally made them an S-tier ship that was decimating hunters. So, they nerfed them back down to A-tier by scaling back their scan resolution and ewar bonuses… and some players threw a fit. Guys were complaining of “whiplash,” and accused CCP of doing them dirty by first buffing the marauder before “making it worthless.” Naturally, CCP did no such thing. True, CCP screwed the pooch by initially making the marauder S-tier, but they were right to bring it back down to an A-tier ship. And it is now in a really good place. So, as far as I’m concerned, the people throwing a fit about it were being space karens. They didn’t care about whether or not the ship was in a good position, the overall health of the game, or how justified the nerf was. All that mattered was that they were nerfed -and they sure as hell were going to cry about it.

And no, this is not an isolated incident. This happens all the god damn always.

And, not for nothing, but even a lot of redditors have taken notice of the change in community attitude over there. I’ve seen guys complain about how far r/eve has fallen, and I’ve seen guys saying that maybe instead of winning Eve, they should win r/eve. That place has become a haven for bitter vets who concentrate on the negative, poison each others moral, and normalize acting like a video game karen.


Get out of here. Of course, CCP’s mistakes and lack of major new content/jesus features has contributed to player numbers being what they are. But I can’t believe that I’m hearing someone try to argue that communities don’t have an impact on player acquisition and retention. In fact, not only can things like word of mouth, community atmosphere, and content creator opinions influence perception of the game, but we have even had game journalist writing articles about players being pissed at changes.

Yeah, I’m sure potential new players see that and think, “wow, now’s a good time to take the plunge.”

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Ugh. I need to stop typing before I start insulting people.


Well, official dev threads can certainly get negative. However, the community of forum regulars isn’t as nearly as negative and toxic as reddit is. In fact, I even think you help illustrate the difference. You seem to be quite bitter about a lot of stuff, and are pessimistic about the future, but I usually find your complaints to be reasonable, and you don’t act like a space karen about it. I mean, you complain, but there’s a difference between complaining and going full on karen.

Regardless, I think there is a huge difference between the forum and reddit communities, and it’s one of the reasons why I like the forums better. Obviously, official dev threads can attract a lot more whiners, but, in general, forum regulars tend to whine less, have a more positive outlook, and be more willing to back up their positions with arguments.


Okay, so this is interesting.

So yes, skyrim was super successful, however, making the game more accessible to a more casual audience (i.e. dumbing it down) played a major role it helping it to achieve that success. Sure, Bethesda took TES is a more profitable direction, but you can certainly make a case that the casualization of the franchise resulted in a worse game, and it’s certainly a direction that many of their older fans didn’t like.

Of course, I won’t say that skyrim is terrible. It’s fine for when you want a more brainless experience, but I can certainly see how many people would be upset over what Bethesda did to the franchise. Personally, however, I’m a latecomer to TES, so I don’t lament the change as much as others do. But you know what does piss me off? It’s what they did to Fallout. Not only is there no way in hell that I would pay for fallout 4 or 76, but I doubt I’d play them even if I got them for free on EGS. They’d just collect figurative dust with all the other free EGS games that I don’t play.

And, not for nothing, but I think money made is a terrible indicator of whether or not something is good. Of course, everyone brings up the transformers franchise as an example of hot garbage making a ton of cash, but we can also find plenty of examples of really good movies bombing (i.e. Scott Pilgrim, Blade Runner 2049, and the Shawshank Redemption).

And, on a side note, I liked this guy’s retrospectives on morrowind and oblivion. They are absurdly long. But, they are great if you want something to listen to while working, ratting, driving or whatnot.

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Topics like this staying in your head and not in the forums would help


The game would be better if CCP had a true, attainable vision for the future of the game and instead of the nerfs, knob twiddling and “balancing” pushed off on us as updates returned to the old days of what they termed “big, Jesus features”. True expansions like the ones that gave us wormholes, faction warfare, etc need to make a return.

Sadly, I think the visionaries, devs and programmers that created those expansions have long since left the company so, what we have seen over the past couple of years is all CCP is capable of.