What happened to the community?

i remember when the forums always had new posts and people talking in others. now the most recent activity is 2h ish ago (at time of writing). is there another site people use? or has the community just died down?


They close threads that are too popular, here.


More like back in the day there weren’t 5000000 3rd party systems to use. As 3rd party communication has become more popular all game forums have decreased in activity.


Everyone is using Discord and Reddit now.


Did the fix for truth.

When CCP stops using their own forums, the players soon follow.


CCP uses the forums when it makes sense.

It’s incredibly immature and pathetic to expect CCP to show up only to be a punching bag for the dozen or so crybabies and whiners who do nothing but rag on the developers.


What a strange way of saying “when they’re trying to sell us something”.


You are to blame for that sensation. How about you try to fix it? You have very little to offer on the forums besides whining.

I know an easy solution to that: Do good work. It is not hard. If you are a developer that usually delivers bad work, go ask CCP karkur how to become better. Another solution to that may be to not leave blatant, glaring issues linger for years until they have completely ruined the game. CCP removed Industry Teams very swiftly, justifying that with them failing to meet expectations, them not working as intended and CCP not wanting to establish a feature that would create bad vibes when they eventually would fix them. It is very strange that CCP leaves Rorquals, capitals, supers and titans and structures largely unchanged for so much longer. No, the changes they did have obviously not fixed any of the issues these things create.

On the other hand: If the performance of the above mentioned features are in fact in line with expectations then there is no reason not to use CCP as punching bags as they clearly lost touch with reality, their game, the users and what the users do with the game.

So, instead of whining about forum users, reddit users and so on, maybe you should do your work as well and be more constructive?


This would be a good argument if they did not show up in other places. When it’s much easier to get a dev to comment on Discord or Twitter or Reddit or whatever than the supposedly official channels it is pretty sad.



Shows statistics for reddit. Whats interesting, the activity have subsided. Especially comments per day looks bad in comparison to previous years.

Top Keywords

ratting (1253.2)
sov (930.4)
o7 (802.4)
blocs (478.5)
botting (398.7)

About Discord http://evenews24.com/2019/01/12/ccps-missed-opportunity-discord/

EVE online on google trends:
Exactly 10 years ago the game was searched the most. Thats around the time when CCP added new character creator for incoming Incarna, Walking In Stations xpansion.
Edit, actually that was around the time when wormholes and planetary were released with new space, and just after those that new character creator.


I have and do. I ask kids like you to provide sources, citations, and other types of evidence to support the empty claims that you cry and whine to CCP about. It helps you provide actual feedback instead of knee jerk feelings.

Where does it say that devs are required to only use media that’s official? I don’t see what so sad about when I just see developers interacting with their community on Facebook, on Twitter, Reddit, email, etc.

Are you saying that it’s sad that devs use other tools to reach out to their community?

Nowhere, and I think personally it’s great they don’t only do that. I talk to devs and ISD on 3rd party forums, too.

What is sad is that they are easier to use for reaching them than any published methods of contact-a-dev, not that they also exist.

These days there are plenty of players with no english skills at all. When EVE was young internet access was mostly used by highly educated and techincally minded folk. The more humans use the net the lower the typical mental capacity has become.

CCP is still censoring posts here. You can’t complain about GMs or discuss exploits. That gives players an incentive to move the discussion elsewhere.

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Oh boy, I bet hundreds of people are bothered by this …
… and they’re all high quality posters.

You might be on to something!



@Foggy_Bernstein @Zhalyd_Lyehin

I agree and you’re !00% accurate.

I blame everything on ex-CCP Soundwave & Co.


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Hahahahahahahahahahaha, bollocks.


The community and most of CCP Staff is over at Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/
CCP tried to fight trolls and crazy posters here but CCP lost. A few brave ISD’s are fighting wave after wave of us hoping one day this will be heaven in stead of hell. This is a text based ganking extention to EVE Online main game. You can play this on your smartphone. :wink:


Exactly 10 years ago?..late 2009?

Wasn’t incarna or anything related. That was tyrannis with planetary interaction.

The new character creator was a while away yet. It was the middle of 2011…

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10 years ago we got Apocrypha: Wormholes and T3C.

Do we… do we gank the ISD?

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