It is time for EVE 2

I want to fight one on one, even if it is lop-sided, I bring the very minimum I need to beat someone, and if they prevail then I give it to them, even if I have a over kill ship on the fringe of the fight. I really just want fights.

Faction warfare is decent for small gang and solo. By today’s standards it’s relatively quick to find a fight as well compared to other space, and you make money whilst you pew.


Im afraid that I really just want to hunt PVE guys, or PVP guys that are focused on someone else. I want to solo hunt. This explanation may seem odd to people outside of the US, or not a real (animal) hunter. I want to watch targets from cover trying to survive, and make a living in game, and then attack and kill them.

To me, this is very much like real hunting. I love tracking and setting a trap, and then laying in wait for the kill. I want to hunt, and most of the mechanics that made this possible have been nerfed out of the game. There is some odd ball stuff you can do, but it is largely gone, and that is sad. With that said, you can mine all day, but how much more fun and rewarding is it if you can be killed and manage to dodge that attack? Dumbing down the game makes it worse for everyone.

And name your ship: “Heron Full Of Plex”. Would make a great killmail.

I think that a Heron named Butt Cigar would be far superior lol.

Nah, don’t do the heron thing…

I think the new drifter invasions of nullsec offers a good chance at hilarity. Financing and organising small fleets of stealth bombers to go in and destroy a nullsec alliance’s logistic ships right before their defense fleet tries to engage the drifters…then the nullseccers all get destroyed because they can’t repair their ships in combat. LOL! To me that would be hilarious!

Sure it would probably take some work to get together, but worth it, imo. :smiley: I understand the drifters are destroying citadels in nullsec and possibly bots, too, so even better would be if the drifters went on a rampage after destroying the nullseccer ships and messed up some of their structures also!

Seems like a better legacy to leave. :slight_smile:


That makes sense. Which makes me think PI farmers might be a good target for you? But also hard. Both to map out your hunting ground and then to catch the little scamps, as they would likely use BRs?

You would have to scan vast volumes of space. Map every planet. Note the owners of the customs houses (which will often be same corp in any given system). Then watch space for those corps so you can tag the individual members. And then start to log their habits. I haven’t done this, but casual observation suggestis that PI collection may be a bit random. So even harder if they have no routine. But, you never know. Plus dawn & dusk (ie around DT) are always classic times to move assets around LS in any event.

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Get a barrel. Add water. Add fish. You think of the rest.

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Can I buy skill injectors in EVE 2? If yes count me in.

nice storry … happens every day somewhere in eve … maybe not with the freinds forever part but hey nothing tells you more your are loved then a killmail …

now for the really stuff … you are boring … yes this is right … not EVE is boring … you are

sorry to say it that clear but i think there is no other way to say it …
maybe they just dont want to get killed by you … if the venture guy like that … why not? he is allowed to do that … its not your job to judge what he is doing … i bet 100 mill i find someone to kill in a WH anytime i try … its not that hard … i am really sorry …

you only look for excuses for your own inability to play EVE


Actually some truth here, I have so much isk it makes itself and no matter how many troll scuicide alts I make or jita scams I take on purpose I will never run out. Null will never not be all about goons. Low will never have a reason to be there. Wormhole shenanigans are ok I guess.

No OP. it’s time for you to think up something meaningful and then post.


you could always join the douche corp… oh i mean CODE.

Times change and so does EvE. For an example i never thought CFC would fall to some mercs since at one point N3 and friends with their superior numbers couldnt take them down.

I don’t think eve has been dumbed down as much as most people think, I think most people have just figured it out. At least they have figured out the part they do.
Hunting is still viable its just bigger targets. If I were you I would look for targets in areas other than WHs. If you want to stay solo don’t join FW just go to FW zones and be a pirate, more targets.
If you want to get rid of your stuff, load everything in a ship of choice fly to the middle of no where, eject, fly away, and pod yourself. If someone scans the ship down good for them if not…

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Show me on the doll where the bad PvPer touched you.

You don’t have to dock to unload cargo.

If you are targeted with ECM you can still target the ECM ship.

We can no longer war dec corps without a structure.

Asset safety



Maybe this.

Not enough fresh blood in the game to make noobish/dumb mistakes. If all that is left in EVE are hardened vets, then of course the general player base know how to dodge a fight when they are at a disadvantage.

Perhaps it is just a population problem, and time for CCP to try any and all gimmicks to get newbies flowing in, just to fill up much of the spaces that have gone empty. Higher population, more content. Players not cut out for EVE will still weed themselves out.

Actually it has been dumbed down quite a bit.

Back in the day there were all kinds of specialized careers that a capsuleer could invest time into and make quite a bit of ISK performing those careers. I’m talking about viable in-game business ventures providing services such as Exploration Bookmark Service, Industry Mining Service, R&D Blueprint Service, Manufacturing Service, Corp Formation Service, Structure Anchoring Service, Jump-clone Service, Salvaging Service, Standings Repair Service, etc.

All of those ‘Specialized’ services have been made obsolete due to CCP turning the game into easy mode for instant gratification. Mainly they lowered the skills required to perform those careers as well as added various items / applications to the game that simplify performing those careers…


This is a very interesting point. :thinking: I think I read an article about how something like that happened to Chribba.

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