After 10 years of EVE, I've finally figured out how to Win

This may help you to enjoy EVE much more.

How I win at EVE now in 2022

  1. I no longer care about any changes or nerfs and simply readjust my game play accordingly, understanding everyone is experiencing the same changes.

  2. I think of other players as a variant of AI, since I don’t know them personally, with some actions seeming less intelligent than an NPC, and others playing in God mode. I avoid God mode characters and feel more at home with the NPC types.

  3. I set personal goals to reach and resist others negative chatter about why they were wronged.

  4. I stopped playing the ISK per hour game.

  5. Most Importantly, I can’t think of another game that has as many challenges as this one, at all levels of play.

I love space games, but I’ve had my rage quits over the years with EVE, but looking back, it was because I didn’t understand how or why I was playing an MMO. I play solo, but really like having people in the same sandbox as me, yes even the trolls and gankers.

This is truly what a sandbox game should be, and I don’t work for CCP.


Well said :clap:


Great post, I too can’t seem to stay away from the game and keep coming back. There’s nothing out there that even comes close to the depth of this space mmo.

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I agree with everything you said except for the following:

I treat the players in this game the same way I treat people in real life. I get it we can’t all agree but I respect those differences. I also remember people have feelings too, and just because I don’t agree with them doesn’t mean I look down my nose at them or treat them like garbage.

Golden Rule applies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

You sir, have learned to EVE.

Realy love this post.
Everybody should read it.

A agree completely.

My #2 was meant more as other players motives, goals, etc… even though they may not align with mine, they have their place in the game, just as I find my place. I was actually including myself in the NPC skill level of game play. I’m not very good at the game on a competitive scale, but do a bit better than a bot.


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I stand corrected and thanks for clarifying your #2 point.

You have a great weekend!

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