EVE's Increasingly Tedious Gameplay

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Lucky for me I’m such a poor player that no one is asking for me to come back…


Ahhh… If Robin Hood and his band of merry men could only wd the null blocks again!
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I really liked emerging conduits, they were a lot of fun


Cry more please :stuck_out_tongue:

I did too, it was leave the station and do it, it was worthwhile and profitable in that I saw progress in my wallet and assets, I could then make the T2 Trig ships. Sadly though the botters realised this, and started to hog it, I ended up with three different bots running the sites in Khafis where I was so had to start looking at other systems. Then CCP put 15 minutes between each spawn and it became boring and then removed it.

The issue here is that so much decent fun content that develops the players position
is ruined by bots coming in and doing it . Then CCP either adjusts it or removes it because of bots. Though I am also aware that this was possibly removed as the story developed more than anything else.

For me this is really the major issue in terms of a player that just wanted to have things I could do for fun PvE without jumping through so many hoops and wait for others to be able to do it.

So in a nut shell the bots destroy fun PvE above anything else.

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Yes, beside few bad designs. Like some NPC not being balanced enough, some bugs like when NPCs you had good standings with started attacking you for no reason, or some mechanics like changing the systems permanently into zero security sec, instead of making it going thru phases of invasion, occupation, liberation, with each phase having NPC support.


Same. Had good fun running those, had good fun in the EDI and NED public fleets too.


I just occurred to me that the Triglavian invasion stuff was fun. Losing the star systems was NOT fun. So…how about CCP lets us counter assault Triglavian space and steal the systems back. That would be fun and enable us to actually FIX some of the destruction. I’d happily resub and fight to get the systems back.


See, ideas like yours is what would make EVE more interesting to play than the present rigid, static and lethargic state of the game.
That’s what I would call fun @Grimm_Reborn

Interesting. So it would be a benefit if there were content systems/events that required group behavior that a single action bot would not be able to execute. I’ve never used a bot, so I am just assuming that it is a group of accounts to which the same command hits them all at the same time.

“now that things take a bit more effort and can’t be afk/zombied anymore to the point where they make less isk it’s no longer any fun”.

Sounds like those people equate “fun” to “must take no effort and print money”. I’m not sad to see those people go, the less we have of those the more actually meaningful interaction and active players we get. If only percentage wise.


You should post this as a separate player-idea thread. Or, perhaps, I might pinch it on a more general level? I like that each system has a different security level, never mind its Edencom or Trig status. But what if those levels were made more dynamic?

Concord is already present in LS but nothing appears to happen, other than via gate guns. However, bounty pay-outs are changed by multipliers as and when NPC activity is changed by players. Why not take that existing bounty system and allow players to also adjust system security? As the bounty multiplier drops below 100%, perhaps the (negative) security of a system could also increase?

Generalities aside, the idea of at least trialling this idea - starting with Pochven or other scattered Trig systems - seems like a fun thing to do. As support for this idea, see all the previous posts against the new gates event when it became clear that players could not influence the actual outcome. Shake it up. Let us take back Trig space. Or expand HS. Or bring doom and gloom to everywhere!

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