EVE has became dull

(Kanzero) #21

You need a cause to fight for. Come to Provi and be on the side of the good guys.

(Claire -42a) #22

provibloc hmmmmm :doughnut:

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #23

That happened in 2014, my Evebro. Where have you been?

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #24

If we really wanted to mix things up:

  • make resources finite, like it becomes possible to completely mine and rat a system dry and it’ll have to be left alone for a while.
  • let all ships dial in a system to system warp without gates, by any mechanic, and remove this fatal funnel system of camping and raep-cages.
  • delayed local in nullsec.

(Gaius Mileghere) #25

you do realise that space is mostly empty, right?

(Gaius Mileghere) #26

then you’re in the wrong region. Goonspace and Hordespace is always full. Hell, I went out on a public fleet on Sunday and met a PH ferox fleet. Many explosions happened and I went home Pod Express.

(Gaius Mileghere) #27


  1. This has been the case for as long as I’ve been playing (nearly three years now). Belts respawn at downtime, anomaly belts after 4 hours. Recent changes to combat anomaly spawns means it’s entirely possible for one or two players to rat a system dry and maintain spawn levels as low as one or two sites.
  2. Jump freighters? Cyno chains? Titan pushes? Covert cynos?
  3. Now, this I can get on board with, even though I do live out in Null I do think that the issues with the chat have added a whole new dimension to spamming DScan. It’ll get to the point if it carries on (if it hasn’t already for some groups) where a single player on a single toon sits there in the centre of a system or on a pipe gate and spams DScan until their V button breaks.

(Nana Skalski) #28

Its not empty, its filled with fields. Fields are not nothing.

(Salt Foambreaker) #29

You are missing real EVE, what you are doing must be hella boring?

(Oliver Delorean) #30

Sometimes I’m looking at people’s killboards who’s commenting here and it makes me wonder…
Is that your forum posting alt or you just yapping without experience!?

(Xuxe Xu) #31

Says the guy who logs off if a red shows up. :ok_hand:

(Oliver Delorean) #32

How did u know?
My 10 toons log off as soon as neutrals being reported in constellation.
CCP please implement auto log off when hostiles are within 5 jump radius!
Also have to reflect the love I have for the Local chat, without that I wouldn’t survive!