EVE has became dull

You need a cause to fight for. Come to Provi and be on the side of the good guys.

provibloc hmmmmm :doughnut:

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That happened in 2014, my Evebro. Where have you been?

If we really wanted to mix things up:

  • make resources finite, like it becomes possible to completely mine and rat a system dry and it’ll have to be left alone for a while.
  • let all ships dial in a system to system warp without gates, by any mechanic, and remove this fatal funnel system of camping and raep-cages.
  • delayed local in nullsec.

you do realise that space is mostly empty, right?

then you’re in the wrong region. Goonspace and Hordespace is always full. Hell, I went out on a public fleet on Sunday and met a PH ferox fleet. Many explosions happened and I went home Pod Express.


  1. This has been the case for as long as I’ve been playing (nearly three years now). Belts respawn at downtime, anomaly belts after 4 hours. Recent changes to combat anomaly spawns means it’s entirely possible for one or two players to rat a system dry and maintain spawn levels as low as one or two sites.
  2. Jump freighters? Cyno chains? Titan pushes? Covert cynos?
  3. Now, this I can get on board with, even though I do live out in Null I do think that the issues with the chat have added a whole new dimension to spamming DScan. It’ll get to the point if it carries on (if it hasn’t already for some groups) where a single player on a single toon sits there in the centre of a system or on a pipe gate and spams DScan until their V button breaks.

Its not empty, its filled with fields. Fields are not nothing.

You are missing real EVE, what you are doing must be hella boring?

Sometimes I’m looking at people’s killboards who’s commenting here and it makes me wonder…
Is that your forum posting alt or you just yapping without experience!?

Says the guy who logs off if a red shows up. :ok_hand:

How did u know?
My 10 toons log off as soon as neutrals being reported in constellation.
CCP please implement auto log off when hostiles are within 5 jump radius!
Also have to reflect the love I have for the Local chat, without that I wouldn’t survive!

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