Eve! What have you done?

Another “Pay to win thread” geez


I think you mean illegal. EU laws spreading around on gambling in games came down all over the place and it allowed ccp to hit the gambling sites and somehow make a lottery they can make money on that somehow is perfectly legal even though lotteries are a system of gambling but only ccp can do it.

Well, OP, I think you are 100% correct.

EvE is no longer worth playing, really. Pearl abyss has ruined it finally.

You are wise to quit the “game” now. I am probably going to follow you out soon. Before then, I’ll try and see if maybe there is still something to enjoy about this “game” for a short time… That is probably just denial, you’re right.

If you have isk and things you might be willing to give me before you go, I’ll see if I can do anything with them. Probably not and is a fool’s hope if I’m honest with myself…but I’d see…

Thanks in advance.

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C’mon. EVE (when “EVE is dying” was a thing) is now dead. There’s as many folks signing on this (whatever this thing they’re calling “EVE” nowadays is) as was many moons ago when Band of Brothers (or a bunch of blue people believed was actually peopled) dominated the map. It took a drunken lawyer to discover there was nobody home. Thing is, nobody knows how long that monstrosity had been abandoned and people just assumed there had to be something going on with that mighty BoB. Turned out it was like a hot knife through butter altering that map with - what was it? Oh yes, “Emergent Game Play”. (I understand that drunken lawyer is still riding on the wave of that myth.) CCP was ecstatic. They didn’t have to develop if this Emergent Game Play actually existed, so they pretended that it did (along with a lot of other folks)! Turns out, Emergent Game Play just moved the blue blob to another spot on the map. It even bored the bajeezus out of its inventors!

So…this EVE…the one some of us used to play. Where is it? I don’t see it anywhere. And, this “old community” - I don’t see any of those faces still around either. This thread must be about the group that replaced the group a long time ago! I guess the only real test of time would be is it still fun to scream through jumpgate after jumpgate with the varieties of skies available as eye candy…and this new, convoluted system we’re supposed to learn…and succeed at…before they change it…again.


I swear some people only play Eve to give them something to complain about…




P2W is impossible in eve.
winning in fights need actual skill at the game. not money.

If you’d read the Post, which you didn’t seem to have done. Would you read that I’m unhappy with the way things are going and i don’t stop! I said the breaks are still getting bigger because of these decisions.

You can troll a lot and say oh again a PAY2WIN mail! I also know that this doesn’t help much, but it’s better than sitting in a chair and not saying anything. But go ahead and follow the path. Until they bring ships that can be bought for real money!


What a stupid statement! Sorry! Then you haven’t played eve for long. 90% of fights are simply F1 drones! Please stop telling me about skills etc.! That’s ■■■■■■■■.

That argument… I can only shake my head.


I think after 10 years of playing, it is allowed to say something that is not so great about the game!


F1 blobs have nothing to do with p2w.
in other situations, say, someone with a marauder who bought it after stealing their parents credit card after a week in the game, and decides to fit it with light missile launchers.
They then loose it to someone whose in a proper fit.
same goes for someone who fit something correctly, but doesn’t know how to fly it.
any pvp outside of fleets, and especially in small gang, require skill over money.

yawn you silllies…They’ve taken advice from one of the greatest world leaders of all times!!!Screenshot_1


New skillbooks for ships are coming out which also mean new meta —> 1 month skill time! Players, Corps who decide to invest real money fly the ships after 1 day and there are many out there who invest the money. They have a decisive advantage! Stay in your belief that everything is good.

But like I said I will not write anything more about it. I have made my statement!

fly safe

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:open_mouth: :frowning:
Why are you so mean to me?

Yeah…17 years after pacman came out it seemed rather lame also. MENSA candidate here.

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The loyal and hardcore community lost feeelings for this community years ago…sheesh.Screenshot_7

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Anybody with a bit of common sense know it’s Pay2Win.

The question is just to know at what point it become too much Pay2win for the game to be enjoyable.

I personnally don’t think EvE is this far in the Pay2Win problem.

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for F1 blob to win a fight following must occur:
someone with knowledge of the game, needs to design a fleet doctrine, some other folks need to amass resources to actually get that fleet fitted to the doctrine, then FC needs to take his fleet of F1 monkeys and guide their F1s to the proper target, and even then you still need at least minimally decent broadcasting discipline and decent logies to go anywhere with mythical “F1 blob”.

All while enemy devises his own doctrine, deploys his own fleet and will try his best to ruing your day.

Well ok, you could also hope for enemy fleet to be absolute retards that can’t even lock the same target and press F1, but actually hoping for that is simply stupid.

Things that “F1 monkey” is required to be able to do, that are non-trivial for inexperienced players.

  1. Track the FC broadcasts
  2. Lock targets as FC calls them,
  3. fire on them
  4. be able to switch target on demand of FC

All of the above while paying close attention to enemy fleet to broadcast for reps when primaried and only then.
bonus points for doctrines that are not cap stable where you also need to pay attention to that and broadcast need for cap.

I remember on my first fleet action I was constantly yelled at by logies for not broadcastin fast enough, because just following order of targets to fire at given by FC was consuming all of mine attention. And you can’t just pay your way through it, you need to just grow experienced with fleet actions.