[Issue] Can't complete Tutorial; I've maxed out the skill already

It’s been…awhile…since I’ve played. I see this handy tutorial and figure I’d use it to knock the rust off.

…until Aura says to train Surgical Strikes, which is currently sitting at Rank 5.

CCP really needs to give us the option to ‘ignore’ some of these steps. In the event we are unable to complete the task asked because of something like this.

Sure, I know I can exist the system and stop the tutorial…but I kind of don’t remember how to play.
Sure, I know I could roll an alt, but that defeats the purpose; I’m not going to be playing that alt, I’ll be playing ‘this guy’. It’s like saying I should take the driving lesson in a truck, so I can drive my car.

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You could log it on support, they might be able to complete that step for you.

I did find a solution…Skill Extractor.

((Not a big deal as I usually buy some PLEX and sell 'em I may. Fact, I may switch to Skill Extractors as they fetch a better price. And lord knows I have plenty of Skill Points.))

Got the same issue.
Not sure what CCP was thinking about.
They should not only think about new players but veteran too who just do things for fun and completion.

I had this issue on another alt. It self-resolved after a while - I cannot recall if I had a short skill training at the time that finished up to make it re-check skill levels or not? Either way, it DID fix itself eventually. Might try a relog and accessing the character sheet again to see if that will prompt the tutorial to check your skills and see it as completed, and report back on your findings.

Definitely still bug report it - it shouldn’t force a delay or workaround to make it recognize the skill status - and be sure to include any such discoveries in the bug notes afterward.

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I don’t know if I have any short duration skills left.

I haven’t actively played for years now, but still login and keep the training queue going.

…I can pretty much fly and fit anything, with at least Rank 4 effectiveness. xD

Also: Report made.

FWIW, I just a similar issue. I was able to resolve it by dropping a different skill in the queue. Seems like maybe any skill progresses the tutorial?


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