Stuck in tutorial - skills

I’m asked in the tutorial to start with the skill gunnery etc …
I already initiated learning skills before the tutorial bot asked me to do this, now I’m stuck in the same routine where the bot keeps assigning me to the same task (shoot some targets) and then insert the asked skill. How do I get passed this ?

You will need to raise a ticket with the GMs and they will either reset the skill or trip it over the problem (they’ll also flag an issue to be fixed). Use the option in the game so they can see the context correctly rather than through the website.
Give them the details of what happened - clear information will help them.

They normally respond quite quickly to such tickets.

(have you played Eve before? - you are doing the “train skills” bit before being told how to do it!)

Welcome to EVE!

Tutorial Stuck: Train Skill

This is a fairly common issue. Please bug report it, then try logging out and back in to see if it will reset the status to ‘completed’ (the game checks your skill statuses whenever you log in).

You can also try training another shorter skill to see if the skill-status-check that triggers upon skill completion will update the tutorial mission.

If that doesn’t fix it, a support ticket to the GMs is the last ditch effort to see if they will manually flag that step as complete to move you onward - this can take a few days to be completed, but they tend to be fairy quick. Just depends on how many tickets are coming in, and around a new release (12/8 was a major patch) it can be a bit busier.

Good luck, and let us know what fix works for you so we have it handy for the next person!

thanks for the advise.
I found the “skip introduction” button which solved it all together.

Indeed I’m playing with my first character for a month or so, and I activated me 2 other characters to fulfill some terms to join a group.

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