Tutorial Stuck: Train Skill

So, Aura is telling my to train Surgical Strike. It has completed training, and she is still telling me to drag the skill into the queue. I have added Surgical Strike II to the queue, other skills to the queue, re-logged, restarted the game, docked and undocked. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Made a second toon, does the same thing.

I would skip the tutorial, but I don’t know how to play…

If you’re dead set on doing the tutorial, I would file a ticket to get a GM to sort it out.

However, you aren’t missing much by skipping the tutorial. It does teach some basic skills, but it doesn’t give much in terms of rewards, and I’m personally of the opinion that everything it does teach is rather easy to figure out on your own (the tutorial didn’t exist when I first started playing).
That being said, I do recommend running the career agents, and then the Sisters of Eve Epic arc. The rewards are decent for a brand new player, and it will help teach some basic stuff. You can find your career agents through the agency. (Agency --> Agents and Missions --> Career Agents)

I also highly recommend joining a newbro friendly corp like Eve University, Pandemic Horde, or Brave Newbies. They’ll share knowledge and resources, and possibly have other benefits like free skillbooks and ships.


Late to the party, but…

I had this problem when I kicked off the tutorial when coming back after being away for a long time. It fixed itself after a while - I think after downtime, or after a different skill finished training? Either way - please please bug report it, so CCP will know it is broken for more than one person and eventually, maybe, fix the scripting to be less confused.

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