First Hours of Play: Tutorial Missions, problems and issues. CCP,

Was asked to put this here, I really do want to play this game.

I have smashed my face against this game in the past, I’m giving it my best this time. Here are some of the issues thus far:

Tutorial missions are a mess, there are missions…

Vitoc Vector - Mounting a Defense, (3 of 4) there are ships that will totally destroy my starter ship. And I don’t know the path to getting a bigger ship or be able to afford guns that will let me take that fight, if I open the market (to buy guns) it says it will “Exit Simulation?” What does that mean? This is the first time I have ever seen this, could you please tell me what the simulation mode is? ie "the simulation mode allows pilots to…Honestly, at first, I thought it would kick me out of tutorial mode. But I can’t afford anything anyway. So I have to stop that series of missions and look for another. Might be nice to let me finish 4 of 4, give a bit of loot rather than having me go back to it later, it is the first one I did.

In Mission 2 of 4 of Vitoc Vector - I would be flying away from the beacon and I would get a distance warning but the wreck I need to scan is away from that, so I went back and forth a couple times. Just say “go to the wreck and scan it”. And give me 3 (or 4) wrecks to scan (scanning is a pretty important mechanic so just one seems insufficient, make 3 wrecks: give one mission item, 2 items of loot. It took me a while to get there, give me a couple things to scan and some loot: scrap, isk, somethings I keep rather than one item I will give away.

Suntendi Recall (1 of 5) is the other mission in 1.0 space and I can’t do the cargo missions because my ship isn’t big enough. And I have no paths for how to get a bigger ship.

So both missions in 1.0 space I can’t do. Maybe something indicating missions that I can actually do? With the weapons and ships I have? At this point I’m flying around randomly looking for a mission I can actually do with a starter ship and have no notion or path of how to get guns / fittings or a bigger ship.

Also, this would be a good place to explain what the relationship is between the numbers and high,low and null because no where is there an explanation of how they are related. The agents give numbers 1.0, you sort according to terms. An information bubble with a short definition of:


High Sec (1.0 - 0.7 ) "Heavily patrolled by the Concord police, you can go about your business with peace of mind.

Low Sec (0.6 - 0.4 ) Keep a look out since skilled pilots can…something

Null Sec (0.3 - 0.1 ) is space free of laws or protection, solo play here is for the experienced as death comes quickly.

There are terms that are more important than others, ya kno? Do you ever actually sit down with people and actually watch them play? I just spent an hour jumping around gates and having to dock and then talk to people to find out I didn’t have what it took to do their mission. It is one of the things about future space games, when people with warp drives have less information than your local Uber driver does. If I had 5 people and needed to get them across town I could communicate that to an Uber driver before they got to the curb. Maybe SOME information on the mission would be good - cargo space needed would be a good start and save me a pointless trip.

I might do this again, I found a mission I can do in .5 space, its too early for me to be in danger like this and if I get killed a couple times I’ll hang it up and try in another year.

What is this? - From Jakka Imaka:

"Here is a mission suited for someone of your caliber.

To eliminate the depressive mood of our hangar staff, cargo bay workers, janitors and other laborers we decided to throw them a party" — Soooo doing a beer run for the suicidal janitors is ‘of my caliber’? That isn’t the opinion I have of myself and not quite what I might play the game for.

How about:

"We need your help with this task - The medical staff are working on a new advancement in cloning technology, we need you to deliver DNA synthetics to ensure the research continues…

Its just words, flatter me. I stopped playing ElderScrolls Morrowind after an hour and never touched it again because some lion dude told me to collect 15 river rocks or whatever and I said outloud “get your own ■■■■■■■ rocks”.

Anyway, bunch of time in thus far and no sight of anything enjoyable on the horizon.

PS - Take that back that last mission, cargo hold not big enough. How long do you expect a new player to bump around aimlessly looking for a mission to actually do? How many hours of mine are you going to burn?

Hey, OP. Welcome to EVE. You need to read a getting started guide to actually get started in EVE. Didn’t anyone mention that?

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Yeah, CCP is incredibly bad at this new player on-boarding thing. The veterans have warned them for several years now, but CCP believes that this weird “tutorial” thing they have is the answer, despite it being a complete and total mess.

The whole thing sucks, and sorry to hear that.

My advice would be to head over to reddit on r/evejobs and see about joining a corporation that can get you caught up to speed faster and more efficiently than this dumb “tutorial” thing CCP has. Talking to a person, either in a chat room or on voice comms is much better than trying to struggle through the mess that CCP’s got for new plyers.

Well, if you are really new then you are in 2 chats that can help you. The Rookie Help chat and your starter corp’s chat. Ask there if someone can help you. EVE is a social game after all. It also sounds like you are not running a tutorial mission. This is a normal Level 1 mission for which you need a bigger ship than your rookie ship/corvette.

It sounds very much like you didn’t start the tutorial at all because that would have send you to the Career Agents after you have run through the introduction. These agents would have not given you these above missions and instead something you can do with your current ship, as well as giving you ships and ISK to run their missions if there is a need for more powerful tools.

I suggest you go back to the Agency window, click on the Tutorial card and run the tutorial properly. That will solve your problems.

Are you sure you are opening the market? Sounds more like you are trying to open the Fitting window.

Have you actually read the mission text? Your “Here is a mission for your caliber” is only a part of it. The mission window normally shows a whole lot more text and fluff information for missions.

CCP has done that, repeatedly and this is what it turned into. They listened to clueless people like you to make the tutorial better and introduce clueless people better into EVE. However, CCP cannot really account for random actions of people. You decided to run L1 missions in a rookie ship instead of running the tutorial and career agents first. It is not entirely CCP’s fault if you decide to do that. There is not less information available, you just have to follow the path that is laid out before you.

Well, one could expect that newbie to read the mission text and information properly. Most Distribution missions have content split into several pieces so that you could transport the pieces individually if the entire load does not fit into your cargo. However, it is also a fact that most L1 Distro missions do not exceed the cargo volume of a typical T1 frigate. So, you again went ahead of yourself. ^^

Sudenti Recall, for instance, has 4 crates, each 40 m³ by the looks of it, that you can transport individually. The mission tells you that you receive 4 crates. Even though it is slightly advanced knowledge that you can split stacks of items, one could expect that people experiment a bit with things when they enter a new realm/world/game.

People on reddit already helped you a lot and pointed out your mistakes. That should help you get started better.

You’re right. There is huge room for improvement there.
However, used to be no tutorial, was pretty much “welcome to eve, here’s a ship, good luck”. Yet players have persevered through both scenarios many times…

:confused: If you don’t change that attitude you will not enjoy EvE regardless of how many times you try it.

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in EvE, but you need help getting started on the way to find it. The advice to you to find a learning corporation to join is good. Joining EvE University or one of the other large new-player-friendly training corps would probably do good for you.

I hope you find your game here. o7

Do you have rookie help chat open? That is a great place to ask questions and hopefully get some timely answers.


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Something nobody else mentioned yet from your OP
Hisec: 0.5-1.0
Losec: 0.1-0.4
Null: anything 0.0 and below

You are safe ish doing missions around 5.0 as long as they don’t send you into 0.4 to which you will receive a warning when you try to leave hisec.

As others mentioned, open up the agency window, and go through that tutorial, and the career agents, and you’ll get a better understanding of the game, and actually do things that your character is capable of doing.

Too many questions. Here are a couple of places where you may find a direct or indirect answer to some of them, so next time you may make the list a little shorter: :slightly_smiling_face:

As an example, this answers one of the questions you asked:

Welcome and I hope this helps you figure things out so you may better enjoy the game. :hugs:

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Also @Aphex_Triplett When you get done doing the tutorial missions, and move into regular missions, if you choose to do so;
Here is a link to the EVE Mission Bible

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