Skillbook didn't inject correctly?

So I’m not sure what happened here? I bought the skill book, injected it and then I couldn’t select it from the list? I had to basically buy it again via the Skills Page window to get it to work.

The skill was Shield Operation, and as you can see in the image, has been bought, has been injected (I promise I did that!) and then it still wouldn’t let me queue till I bought it again

Did I do something wrong or is this a bug? D:

Edit: Changed pic to show the bug clearly.

Could it be that you bought it at some other station and injected some other skillbook you had instead? Have you tried to check assets window to confirm you dont have it at some other location?

Just re-checked and it confirmed my suspicions: You are ar Hek IV - Krusual Tribe Bureau and transaction log shows that you have bought it in HEK VIII Moon 17 - Aliastra Retail Center. Market check also confirms that - this book at this (NPC) price is sold at Hek VIII:


Well thanks for clearing that up. Now I feel like a bit of a dope but at least I didn’t make the mistake with a few billion, eh? :smiley:

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