MAAAAY want to carefully look at skills

For example, the skill Advanced Spaceship Command.


now this screenshot suggests you can fly these at Level 1, but look at Level 5:


Having something availiable at 1 but not flyable until 5 makes no sense. It’s kind of like having Missile Launchers at 1 but not being able to actually fire missiles until later.

i remember waltzing into this at first when i was training that skill…note that on tq i haven’t gone into capitals by choice, but i did already train the skill to five

lets take a look

notice that the Skill book requirement is Not the Ship requirement

and as yourself i was confused…level 1 Advanced Unlocks the Path to the ship
not the Ship

hinky maybe

but its like sorting

do you want to divide the catalog into boys wear girls wear mens wear womens wear and then put shirts pants socks under each section

or make shirts sections pants section socks section and then list each group under them…you cant do both in the same book and it will get complicated

try it yourself on your own desktop with empty folders

make a list of headings then layers under each heading

now plan out shortcuts in a main folder called unsorted and see what you end up with

one way or another it ends up hinky

if you figure out a no fail always works solution of logic you can make a million millions of your local preferred currency cause it has not been accomplished yet so far

computer logic is not the same no comparison

readability is the issue when defining categorization and sub categories for human consumption

you end up with no choice but choose one methodology and stick with it

but by all means figure it out for all of us and change the world at the same time … i would applaud loudly myself

i might even un-retire and go back into database design coding hehhehheh

gl fs

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