Skill Queue Settup

I know there are some third party calculations that let you put in a bunch of skills and then it says what your revmap should be. But what if I put multiple year’s worth of skill points? I forgot what website it was, but one tool told me to revamp for perception which kind of makes sense since I got 3 years worth of that in the queue. However, I noticed that I could improve the suggestion by revamping for perception, then revamp for charisma, and then later memory. It turns out the website assumed you got 1 revamp total, not 1 per year. I went to another website but I found the problem that it assumed I was a fresh toon and it had no way to take into consideration your existing skills. Is there a planner than can take your existing and planned skills and then tell you the revamp needed?

evemon is the app, but i would suggest breaking down that exceptionally long queue to more manageable chunks, things often change to scupper a plan that long

You sure evemon is the way to go? I downloaded it and it wanted API keys… but it seems to want XML API instead of the ESS one. This makes me doubt the skills are up to date/

I know of no other planner, and not sure that the skills have been updated in some time, search for a “new” skill that has been introduced and see if it is in the database. If nothing else it would be a better benchmark than the eve client i think.

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