Maxing indy/research

So im down to training pretty much nothing but lvl 5s. I notice that change between int/mem and mem/int. if I remember right the primary had a bigger sp boost.

the question is should I primary 1 attribute over the other or just even them out since I have to wait a year between remaps?

Read up here:

Then you can judge if it is worth to use one of your repams or if your current attributes are good enough.

Having equal attributes only kind of works if you are going to train skills that require either one or the other as primary attributes. For memory, that’s mostly drones. If pretty much everything you train is intel base, then maxing intel will be much better.

Also, look into EVEMon or something if you want to really get into optimizing your training.

like I said though 1 branch

indy need mem/int
science need int/mem

so I would be switching between the 2. if I remember right last time I used evemon it had me switching based on what there was more of first. ie more indy had me max out mem but if I put science first it maxes out int

but ok

If you have the same selection of skills, the order should not matter. It should pick the attributes that will minimize total training time for the whole plan.

It will also give you how much time to complete the plan with your current attributes and with the optimal ones, then you can judge if it’s worth using a remap to save that much time.

The formula is this: you gain “primary attribute + 1/2 secondary attribute” worth of skill points per minute, and to take a skill from 4 to 5 squares requires 210745 points * the skill’s rank (rank is difficulty, a rank 2 skill takes 2x as many points as a rank 1 skill).

Now, the difference between 30 int / 24 mem, 24 int / 30 mem, and 27 int / 27 mem, when you have a spread of skills that’s somewhat evenly distributed between int/mem and mem/int, will be around 5-6 days per year, saved (I didn’t actually do the math, but you can, since now you have the formula). So you’re basically wasting a remap for a few days savings. IMO, if you’re already on int/mem or mem/int, just leave it as it is and plug in the best int and mem implants you can afford, and go for 1 year of training. And leave it be.

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