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Hello capsuleers,

TL;DR - Should I keep Perception/Willpower until I cap all alpha skills, than switch to Intelligence/Memory?

I’m a returning player who in the past only did exploration. I sold that character to re-learn a lot of the mechanics while starting from scratch.

I acted a bit on a whim and tried to recall a bit of what I remembered. Let me get to the point!

I remapped everything into Perception/Willpower with emphasis on the former as a Minmatar pilot.

When should I make the switch to Intelligence/Memory for the supporting skills to run level 4 missions in a suitable ship efficiently with little room for error until the supporting skills catch up while also staying true to my faction.


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I am confused why you mention the alpha cap. I assume you mention this as you are an alpha. Are you planning to subscribe again when you hit the cap?

If you aren’t planning to go omega, it doesn’t matter. You will only progress with skills then with either full skill injectors, or the alpha ones neither of which are affected by your mapping. I also wouldn’t waste a remap while training as an alpha as any benefit you get will be modest at best (and the SP are free anyway, so who cares if it is slightly slower or faster?), and you will want it in the future if you do go omega.

I would though, if you can afford it, invest in some +3 impants for what you are training.

TL;DR: don’t mess with your remap while you are an alpha. When you go Omega, set yourself a 6-12 month plan and then decide where you can most efficiently use the remap.

@Black_Pedro maybe the TL;DR was badly formulated or the question went right over your head; we’ll never know. I was referring to all alpha skills that relate to Perception/Willpower.
In other words; the question was whether to level them as well (e.g. small projectile turret, when I will be using mediums anyway) or move on to supporting skills with another remap to Intelligence/Memory when the crucial required skills to efficiently do level 4 missions was met, because I obviously care to use alpha time and not just wait until everything is maxed to do level 4 missions.

Just the available skills for an alpha clone in the perception/willpower category; some even to level 5 would take a substantial amount of time. Where as I could have made the switch and leveled up the support skills to go ahead and do higher tier missions.

Wondering whether I was going omega, suggesting not to remap when I already did and to get implants was not helpful at all.

Edit: Feels like I’m answering my own question.

An additional scenario, the pros and cons of maxing all possible alpha skills in the perception/willpower category, switch to intelligence/memory; max them. Go omega; push them to cap of omega level, than make a balanced remap for tertiary miscellaneous skills and just wait everything through (the remaining perception/willpower skills; at omega level :wink:)

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I will infer from your answer you do intend to go omega once you have squeezed all your free SP out. Then the answer is to train what you need to run L4s first, regardless of mapping as that is the most efficient in any case to get yourself earning ISK, then train what you are remapped for. Why would you train a skill you don’t need before something that is holding you back from a goal?

The main gist of my answer that seems to have gone over your head, is that worrying too much about efficiency of training while being an alpha is inane. You will train so much more efficiently as an omega, you should just subscribe, or at least be buying alpha injectors, instead of wasting months waiting for every last free SP. Opportunity cost is a thing and you could be blitzing L4s or running Incursions making much more in a week than a few months worth of free SP you appear fixated on taking. It’s one thing if you don’t know what to do and are happy doing exploration as an alpha or learning the game or enjoy playing skill queue online or whatever - it’s a completely different thing if you actually have a goal and are letting yourself be held back by some psychological need to get free SP or only train skills with a perfect remap. Just make another account to do that and get yourself a character that can run L4s as fast as you can.

But do what you want. Remap or not, train off-remap skills or skills that you are mapped for. It’s only going to make a difference of a few days over the course of the next few months. It doesn’t matter.


That’s what this whole post was all about.
As Drax has said it, nothing goes over my head!

I’m not worried, just wanted to talk to someone about remapping since I’m sure mapping the way I’ve done it was meta 4 yrs ago.
I don’t wish to go for omega now since other games are in the spotlight and grinding ISK with lower SP just takes more hrs of potential game time of whatever game I wish to play more.

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If you are primarily looking for the fastest track to L4 then you only need to train those perc/will skills which are applicable to the ship you plan on running. Max is best… IV is acceptable but will mean slower completes.

For Mach that means LG guns, gun support, minmatar & gal BS. Same for Mael.

For typhoon you want heavy/cruise missiles, missile supports, and minmatar BS.

Its also a good time to train nav & drone skills. T2 smal Caldari and galente drones and drone interfacing IV are the most versatile (fewest sp spent)… Max out evasive manuver, acceleration, and IV on prop mod skills. Then switch to int/mem for other supports.

If you also want skills for PvP too, I suggest you start another alpha and avoid remaps (or perc/ int balanced) until you hit the 5mil cap.

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Are the remaps limited now? If I remember correctly it used to be 1 every year. Considering I have 2 still left. I’m bit confused why remapping is frowned upon with a alpha char.

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AFAIK its still 1/year but you out train it too fast as a new alpha. If you have two remaps left… after int/mem change to perc/int balanced. But that’s not the main reason to not remap as a new alpha.

New alpha train to 5mil for free so people discount time (since no cost). Which means that you save your remapping for when you have to pay a sub to train efficiently.


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