Attribute remap

Can anyone explain what each category of the remap means?


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It doesn’t mean anything as it pertains to like, your character’s lore development. It’s only used to calculate the rate at which skills are trained. For example, with more points into Willpower and Perception, the faster skills that utilize those two attributes will train.

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Can you be more specific? Do I need one more so than the other? I am at 73m skill points trained and still have no idea what to do with this.

Each skill has a primary and a secondary attribute.

if you want to train those particular skills faster, you should have those primary and secondary as the highest of the attributes.

read through this


Playlist for my Advanced Skill Point and Training Guide.

the 4th video will be of particular interest to you.


Only if you want to train certain skills faster. Look at the EVE University link that @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras posted. Near the middle is a table that breaks down each group of skills into their Primary and Secondary attributes.

So for example, if you really wanted to train a lot of skills that under Gunnery and Missiles, you’ll see that the primary and secondary attributes are Perception (Primary) and Willpower (Secondary), which means they’ll benefit the most if Perception has the most amount of points in it, followed by Willpower.

The trade off here is that because putting points into Perception and Willpower would naturally reduce the points in the other attributes, skills that use the others (like Charisma or Memory) would train at a relatively slower rate.

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so in theory points that are point more toward charisma and memory could actually be used more toward ship stuff like gunnery etc?

gunnery is perception and willpower as @Scoots_Choco mentioned. Charisma and memory, with memory being key over charisma would be anything under corporations or management of structures.

so if you train gunnery skills with more charisma/memory they are going to train slower if perception and willpower are not dominate.

thats why when reading the eve uni, if you plan to to shift the attributes and use remaps, to make long term planning of skills that use those two particular attributes first, if you wanna take advange of speed… implants can add to that too of course.

I think it will be best to just leave it all balanced.

Nothing wrong with that, but as I mentioned and the article mentions as well, using implants that give an extra +3 , 4 or 5 on to each attribute can help with training the skills up as well, lovely table in the link i posted that shows the difference in using implants or not.

You get one remap per year, plus 2 bonus remaps you can spend at any time. Plan your remaps accordingly.
A skill planner like EveMon is really helpful.

For me, 1st remap was Per/WP for ships, gunnery and missiles
2nd remap Int/Mem for armor and shields
3rd remap for Drones (right up to T2 heavy and sentry drones)

This was part of a 2 year strategy.

Edit. protip: train Cybernetics to lvl 4 and get some ‘standard’ implants for the attributes you are training (only 2 at a time). Then train Informorph Psychology and add a Jump Clone or two. These will let you “jump” out of your implants to go do things like PvP or whatever and not feel you are risking your implants. As you progress you will see that Standard attribute implants are not that expensive anyway.

Don’t feel like you are “losing” anything by not having implants in your head, CCP gives you enough free skillpoints to more than make up for this. Don’t miss out on the fun of the game for simply training!

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