I must not understand neural remapping…

So I queued up 59 days worth of industry and science skills because that’s what intrigues me the most right now. All the skills focus on intelligence and memory and so I followed a proposed optimal plan from my Neocom II app that maximizes intelligence, puts memory at 21 and dumps everything else.

And when I did my neural remap, the time of completion went from 59 days UP to 64 days…

This doesn’t make any sense to me. I have two bonus remaps but I don’t want to use them up until I get a clear explanation as to how this works because that was NOT the result I was expecting…. The projected outcome (again, according to the Neocom app) would take it down to 50 days

Now, maybe that app isn’t accurate, but even so, why would maximizing the two primary attributes associated with those skills INCREASE the time it takes to learn them??

then you have remaped the wrong attributes. you can use evemon for a better remapping plan !

plus as well as the other response, it isnt worth remapping for a 59 day plan, they come into their own just over a 1 year plan, but as a new player you may swap and change your mind in that time so I suggest dont even remap unless you are wanting to and prepared to skill to at least a 12 month plan.

i remember seeing something about a good map for balance when yu are jumping between the different attributes, but i cannot find that info now

and as @Vuhdo_Rin says, download and use evemon to create and tailor a plan


Setting aside the worthiness of remapping for a 2 month plan (I’m willing to accept that), the thing is that I manually checked every skill to see what’s it primary and secondary associated attributes were. Every single skill but maybe two were primary for intelligence, secondary for memory, with those other few skills being the reverse. And I can confirm those are the two attributes I increased… so how could it possibly make the time longer?

sorry to tell you the follw but, its not personally !

we only have to trust your word and as i learned, you never can trust someone who opened a thread and cry´s about something because lack of understanding or reading.

i only can guarantee you, if you download evemon and work with this 3rd party tool you can create a realy good skillplan !

btw time goes up if you “loose” sp instead of gaining sp after the remap.

It’s sad that someone who is honestly confused about a game mechanic and comes to the new members forum seeking answers is assumed to be some sort of troll…

Sigh. Oh well.

ok as you though i´m a troll and my answer wasnt helpful then lets start …

dude … you have done a mistake and now you come to forum and cry about the YOU problem ? you need to read better before you start remaping and then you can prevent your mistakes

Then can you at least point out what my mistake was? I’ve been very clear in documenting what I did and neither you nor anyone else has actually addressed the problem other than saying, in essence, “you messed up…”. Ok… fine, I messed up somehow, but I’ve given all the information I have, so HOW did I mess up??

Good grief, imagine any other scenario where a beginner goes to a beginner help forum and the only answer they receive is “you messed it up.” How is that helpful?

And yeah, you said “download evemon”, but forgive me for being someone who wants to understand the game mechanic rather than just doing what a third party tool tells me to do…

youre mistake was not checking the main and secondary attribut good enough !

didnt i say that enough ppl tzry to cry on forum about CCP´s fault and then at the end its clearly their own mistake because they didnt reat exaclty ? or they didnt understand enough to prevent the mistake ?

ive said you need evemon then you can see where is your mistake but instead you again cry about other ppl dont know what youre mistake was because its only YOUR word and YOUR word is ■■■■ because you clearly missed something ! but we dont know all the skills you have on your queue and we also didnt know that you have done everything correct … so NO ! Nobody can tell you what was your mistake … how could they ? nobody can see your chars skilltraining, nobody have any proof of you only your word and as you heared now a few times … the word of ppl who are crying is nothing worth !

so you have now 2 options :

  1. download evemon, add your skills and you can notic your mistake
  2. still crying and dont get help because nobody can help you …
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I will eat my humble pie. You’re right. I screwed up which attributes I maxed out. The attributes are listed in a different order in Neocom. It has intelligence as the top one. In the game client perception is top, but both have memory as the second one down. I missed it, so you’re right, it was my user error.

I apologize. I could have sworn I did exactly what I was supposed to do, that’s why I was so frustrated and confused at the result.

I’m embarrassed but I learned a long time ago to admit when you’re wrong, no matter what. So yeah, I was wrong. Again, my apologies.


i accept it :slight_smile:

i hope you can now understand why i dont believe someone said realy the truth. not that i dont want to belive the ppl but most of the time nobody noticed their mistake.

and its realy the only advice for other ppl to help you, if they say download evemon ! because, you know why xD some problems cant get fixed remotley because nobody can see your screen.

sometimes it looks rude from other if they say " its your fault " but expecaly for eve its in 99% of all cases the truth ! but mostly the ppl only want to show you , that you have missed some information and its possible that nobody can tell you wich information.

if you need heklp with evemon then you can ask if you want.


I appreciate your offer for further help, that’s very good of you :slight_smile:

I think I’ll let this topic slide down the posting list now, haha.

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Every skill has TWO attributes, so dumping one may show a negative effect.
I prefer a skill clone wearing skill implants.
Some reading: Skills and learning - EVE University Wiki


give evemon a try, enter your skill plan and then use the remapping option and it will show you the attributes to chnage and how much time it would save you. If evemon comes back with with a time reduction then something was off in your calculations.

Thank you.

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