Fast cooldown for attributes remapping

While the attributes remap is not entirely removed from the game, can we at get a faster cooldown?

Make it 60-90 days instead of 365 days cooldown.

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It would take a team of CCP developers six months to implement this.

It would take way longer than that. Attributes are old as hell. I’d rather they just finish ripping them out. No point painting a room in a house you’re going to knock down anyway.


Attributes and skill training is an integral part of EVE. It gives some of the depth and complexity that the game has. Eliminating this aspect of the game will take away from it’s sweet intricacy and only make a little bit shallower. Only weak-minded and lazy players like you would want this to come to fruition.

LOL, no.


You should pitch selling bonus remaps instead.

I think we should go back to only allowing each race to fly the ships from their own race. That added some nice nuance to the game.

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was that the case at some point in the past?

I’m the very beginning, yes, I think so. I heard CCP tried to bring it back with alpha clones, but didn’t follow through.

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