Light attributes remap V2

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As a previous idea, I come back with some change in my proposal.
The first post was about a half remap each 6 month.

Actually once a year you can replace 14 pts.
The new idea will be to give each 26 days 1 pts remap, mean still 14 pts a year.
Any untouched point will stay in a counter. If you don’t use remap 2 years, you will have 28 pts, etc…

You still have to make smart choice when you choose where to pu your point, but give you a little more flexibility.

What do you think ?

CCP Burger then mentions that EVE is a completely different beast to what it was originally. The complexity is just insane and there haven’t been any changes made to guide or ease the new players into the game or just simply hiding some content that is irrelevant to them in the first 5 minutes. Innominate mentions the attributes as an example of this complexity and how important this system is. CCP Burger responds that it is a system that adds unnecessarycomplexity and both the CSM and CCP agree it should just be removed.

CSM meeting minutes are as useless as astrology is to determining what changes CCP will implement in the future.

I read the report, but there’s always lot of think that didn’t happen soon or never.

Anyway, yes if they set higher base attributes and remove remap my idea can go trash

I think of all the issues facing EvE, remaps don’t seem that important.

Why not just overhaul unnecessary clunky system with something simpler and healthier?

For example:

  • get rid of attribute system altogether
  • set base SP rate at current average attributes without implants
  • change attribute implants from +X to attribute to +Y% to SP gain, or remove such implants altogether
  • add special 24hr (affected by biology skill) duration boosters in LP shops that boost SP gain speed of certain skill type/category
  • only one such booster can be active at any given time: using multiple boosters of the same type will stack time up to a month (hard cap), using different type of booster will overwrite effect of old one.

That way you will have flexibility of changing training speed for skills you want AND incorporate it into EvE’s economy by tying it to LP stores. Win/win scenario, imo.

Even better if these boosters are added to FW LP Stores only.

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Yes, ther’re many other points can be change/fixe before but I let other present there idea for them

Look good proposal, no more attributes to think or remap time. Just a base sp/hr that can be increase by implante or/and booster.

Yes that the flexibility of manage your skill completly free I like it

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