Clarification of Enhancer Implants please

I just want to check that I understand Attribute-Enhancer Implants correctly. As an example I will in due course be training Large Energy Turret IV and Large Energy Turret V. These currently have durations of 4d 6h 35m and 24d 9h 24m, totalling 28d 15h 59m. The Primary Attribute is Perception and the Secondary is Willpower. If I implant a ‘Limited Ocular Filter’ and a ‘Limited Neural Boost’, and don’t die or jump-clone, what will that total training time reduce to ?

You’d have to use EVEmon or a similar program to find that out any specific time reduction, given that those attribute implants only provide +1 and will have almost no effect on your training time but it maybe would give you around 30min reduction in your total training time for those two skills.

If you’d like I could try and calculate the exact training time reduction but you’ll have to tell me what your Perception and Willpower attributes is (without implants).

Thanks. All are 20 points except Charisma, which is 19. I’ve never Remap’d them, or used Implants, before.

eta: basically I’m trying to see if it’s worth using them, given that they have to be bought, and will be lost by clone-jumping or capsule death.

Time required to learn skill (in minutes):

( SP_Needed - Current_SP ) / ( Primary_Attribute + ( Secondary_Attribute / 2 ) )

It is simple math:
28d 15h 59m = 41279 minutes
deltaSP = 41279*30 = 1238370

time with +1 implants at 20 base attributes:
1238370/31.5 = 39313.3 minutes or 27d 7h 13min

So even with +1 implants you save 1 day 8 hours and 46 minutes learning these 2 skills.

To train Large Energy Turret IV and V; you’ll need to train a total of 1’240’000 SP in that particular skill, and with a rate of 30 SP/min (no implants and attributes at 20) it’ll take you 28d 16h 53m 20s to complete both levels. Now with +1 implants you’ll have a rate of 31.5 SP/min and it’ll take you 27d 8h 5m 5s to complete the same two levels of the skill, all in all saving you 1d 8h 48m 15s.

To give a clearer math picture:

Large Energy Turret - Rank 5 skill
Total Skill Points: 1.280.000
Trained already: 40.000 - level 3 already acquired
Skill Points to be trained: 1.280.000 - 40.000 = 1.240.000
Perception and Willpower attributes: 20 Points; yielding a SP rate: 20 + (20 * 0.5) = 30 SP/min
Perception and Willpower attributes with +1 implants: 21 Points; yielding a SP rate: 21 + (21 * 0.5) = 31.5 SP/min

Training time (no implants): 1.240.000 / 30 = 41,333.33333 minutes;

  • number of days: 41333.333 / 1440 = 28.7037037 = 28d
  • number of hours: 0.7037037 * 24 = 16.8888888 = 16h
  • number of minutes: 0.8888888 * 60 = 53.33333 = 53m
  • number of seconds: 0.33333 * 60 = 20sec

so 28d 16h 53m 20sec total training time.

Training time (with +1 implants): 1.240.000 / 31.5 = 39,365.07936 minutes;

  • number of days: 39365.07936 / 1440 = 27.33686066 = 27d
  • number of hours: 0.33686066 * 24 = 8.08465584 = 8h
  • number of minutes: 0.08465584 * 60 = 5.0793504 = 5m
  • number of seconds: 0.0793504 * 60 = 4.761024 = 5sec

so 27d 8h 53m 5sec total training time.

Training time saved: 28d 16h 53m 20sec - 27d 8h 5m 5sec = 1d 8h 48m 15sec

now if you’d use let’s say +3 implants you can almost triple your saved time which would amount to about 3d 17h 51m 18sec.

By remapping your attributes you can achieve 27 points in Perception and 21 points in Willpower; this would yield a 39 SP/min rate and such a remap alone could shave off 6d 14h 59m 27sec of your total training time.

@Dravick_Afterthought that being said; to get the full value of a remap you’ll need atleast a full year worth of training of skills with focus on the skill attributes that you’ve chosen, in this case Perception/Willpower as Main/Secondary skill attributes.

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Thank you very much, I understand it a bit better now. I might try +3 implants, if they’re not too expensive, but I don’t think I’ll bother with the remap.

You might find them in the price range of 15-20m each, so that would make a full set around 100m, might seem a little expensive but it’s well worth it imho.

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Also worth pointing out that jump cloning will not destroy the implants.
You can JC to a clean clone… do all the explodey stuff… and JC back into the clone with implants once your timer has run down.

Good way to have expensive training implants in while you are away from the game for a few days… Then you can JC out to an explodey clone.

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if you are swapping clones within same station cooldown timer doesnt apply.

Only if it’s an Upwell Structure.

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