[Solo PvP/Piracy Blog] Apologize for Nothing

Back again and another update. I’m kicking myself a little for giving away my secrets but probably not many people will read it anyway.


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Nice write up with some good tips…

Didn’t say much about the fit on the alt Scout ship, other than being Cov Ops with a probe launcher. Probably helps to have sub-2 sec align time on it as well…

So does your combat ship clone have any implants or use boosters for the engagements?

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A fast align time isn’t that necessary for the scout alt. It’s definitely helpful as far as traveling out there, but the covops cloak means you can almost always get away with a slow warp out.

Once you set up in a system, if you do it the way I do, you don’t need to travel much. The biggest danger to your scout is getting targeted by rats while looting wrecks.

I do use implants but not pricy ones. I think the conventional wisdom that you should fly empty pods in nullsec PvP is somewhat dated. There are affordable implants nowadays. I almost never lose pods anyway, although sometimes I self destruct one to get home after a ship loss.

For that ONI fit, I just use some missile implants to improve my dps a little. For other fits I may use a low grade nomad set or other agility implants to get my align time under 4 seconds. I also use cheap boosters when available but I try to stay in the black by not spending a lot on consumable supplies.

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Ahh, ok, thanks for the answer…

So basically some low level Agility and DPS Boosters / Implants would help, especially for those like me who don’t have a lot of experience with this sort of content.

I’m thinking that due to the location, this type of engagement should be viewed and conducted as ‘Get in quick, get it quick and get out quick’ …

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Yeah it’s definitely all about the speedy hit and run.

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