Dear CCP, I need reminders, please can you help me?

Hi all,

In recent times I have undocked with my expensive implants in to go on a strat op or roam only to have to leave the op and return to the station to remove them again, or sometimes completely forgetting they are in!

I’ve also completely forgotten to use my recently purchased training clone (+5s) almost every time I log off for the evening.

I would like to ask that there be reminders implemented that can be set by the player, much like the reminders and warnings we get currently in high sec space, I’m sure it would be very easy to code into the game, something simple like “upon undock set message x to display on screen”.

It would be a really great help for me as I’m quite forgetful and I like to think I’m not alone in this!

Kind Regards,

Alice Accord


OP, were you around for having to pay for clones that could hold your skillpoint level? If so, you must have hated that.

You’ll probably get what you want, though…

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I’d love it if there was an in-game accessory / app (like the calculator, notepad, etc) that could be set to remind me to do something when I arrive somewhere (IE: Next time I’m in Jita, buy more drones because you keep leaving them floating in space… you dunce!) :slight_smile:

Since position can be read via API like Pathfinder and Co. does, it should not be too hard to implement that as an external webapp.

On March 2nd 2017, I forgot to switch from my training clone. I lost a kestrel about 20 jumps from home and so I just let the guy pod me. Since then I remember.

Guys convienience as asked for by the op is not just bad because “you don’t had it in the past”…

Times change and something like this is totally normal today…

and of course not all changes are for the better.

Something isn’t necessarily better because it’s a new way.

“Normal” - especially for a majority - doesn’t always mean it’s correct.

  1. Necro

I’ll explain the concept for you:

You take a pen.
You open it, unless it’s a pencil. I will not go into the details here, but they’re not the same. Google is your friend. Some pens you might need to “activate” by pressing the button at the top end (yes, that’s the top end). Others, as I wrote, have a cap which needs to be removed first. Make sure to test if it actually writes. Best way of doing that is by simply drawing a few circles on the next best wall. In case it doesn’t write, try pressing the button again.

THEN you take a piece of paper. Can be any piece of paper, but I recommend avoiding bright yellow or red paper. PostIt-yellow (see below) is okay, though. THEN you write down what you want to remember. Adding the current date might help, too!

And NOW comes the hard part!

You take the piece of paper and put it somewhere, where you will be seeing it. In case of this piece of paper being what’s called a PostIt (an amazing invention where someone figured out that putting a bit of glue on a small piece of paper helps you not losing it), you can just stick it onto your screen.

Or your forehead, in case you ever look into a mirror.


So change is bad because it changes something?

Well this is the kind of stubbornness and anti change opinion this game has been suffering for a long time…and this is why players leave and new players do not come to replace them…

Yes, change just for the sake of change to give the feeling of momentum and not change things for the better is bad.

Change itself is not inherently bad, but all change isn’t necessarily good. It’s about results.

That’s pretty much what I said.

Someone should start a “reminder service”…

Now… go clean your room!

If ONE needs reminders he should get it…it’s not the big deal you make it…
And every little change for the better is not bad at all just because YOU don’t like or want it.

Who knows…once it is live maybe even YOU would like it? Impossible i know…

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