Load Items Reminder

Have you ever bought stuffs from the market and depart to your destination only to find you forgot to load those stuffs on your ship? We need a reminder system that automatically warn us to load items into our ship if we have bought something from the market. Of course we can turn off this reminder system.

Nope. We get too many reminders as it is. You buy stuff, you should put it in the ship. And this is coming from someone who forgets lol


Game mechanics shouldn’t compensate for expected brain functions.
Sometimes I forget too, I’m a blonde. It’s my responsibility to remember.

Reminders are distracting.

The more pop-ups you see reminding you to do one thing, the higher the chance you get distracted by them and forget to do the other thing unless this other thing also gets it’s own reminder.

I do not wish to play a game where everything I may accidentally forget gets it’s own reminder. When everything is important, nothing is. Except now I need to click through a bunch of non-important pop-ups.

It’s already happening: we now have a new pop-up to set the hardly important name of our ship. :frowning:

Please CCP, minimise the amount of pop-ups!

If you arrive at your destination and notice you forgot to load the items into your cargo that you wanted to transport, laugh at your silly mistake and don’t make the mistake again in the future.

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Why aren’t you adding them to your saved fits? Then it all gets added to the hold when you fit it.