Photon UI: 'Pinning/Locking priorized items' in your cargo + (re)move notification symbol


While the UI works for the most part, I find a few things still lacking…
The first would be to PIN ITEMS in your cargo. Your favorite ammo. Your favorite module. Exotic Dancers. Whatever!

Those items would disregard sorting and always show up first and (if ‘locked’) be unable to be removed from cargo by accident (aka ‘Select all, drag and drop’)

For example: if you fly a PvE ship like a marauder your cargo eventually will contain all sorts of ammo, why would you want to always fumble out your charges out of the scrap? Same goes for other modules you might want to keep in your freighter for later use… - why have the risk of selling those or leaving them behind if you can just pin them down? (and cargo containers are overkill for your favorite 2-3 items)

So: RMB your favorite item. “Pin” or “Lock it” ~ and never have to fear losing the wrong item ever again!

Now, a different, but also UI-related matter:

This nonsense notificcation symbol at the bottom right.
Just~ let me send it straight to hell. I do not care for it. It is annoying.
symbol blocked
1. you can not move it (unlike EVERY OTHER part of the UI)
2. as you can see it blocks my drone health. UI takes enough space up as it is, I will not slide it in another centimeter because of it. Not like its critical to begin with! Its just “oh you did something you know you did” … wow. Useful. And water is wet! Those news! /rant

You can.


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