Expensive Clone undock warning

can we have a popup with warning about expensive clone when undocking

One pilot’s expensive is another pilot’s pocket change. That means to make this meaningful for a significant population, this option would need to not just be something folks can opt out of (because plenty of players hate warning messages period), but would need to be adjustable by the pilot to their designated threshold. To date, CCP has not deployed any adjustable warning messages, which makes this an unlikely development unless they overhaul their warning system in some fashion (as that appears to be a base limitation on their current configuration).

What you can look at in the meantime is a service like Pod Protect - Instant notification if you’re in the wrong ship for your implants (which is not free) or, as the rest of us do, train yourself to verify your pod before undocking or strapping on a ship.


if pod is more than 1b the warning comes… as u said it can be opt out for sure

But what about a newbro pilot who just got their first set of +3 training implants? They aren’t worth 1b, but it is still probably a sizable chunk of their wallet to replace and they don’t want to undock in them.

For this to be useful to a significant number of players, it must be customizable. Setting flat ISK values for everyone never works.

ur right, but anything under 1b is nothing, even new players can take some $ buy plex and sell them for ISK

an other idea would be if pod is more than 50% of ur wallet warning comes, u can send ISK to alt (or other char on same account) to meet the threshold

Any time the solution is ‘spend real money’ your argument fails entirely. The only money a player should ever have to spend on EVE is for the subscription if they feel the game is worth the money. They may choose to spend more and buy PLEX to swap for ISK, but that should never be part of a feature design argument.

Wallet-percentage-based could be an option for making it more flexible with regards to code limitations. The sweet spot would take some work (50% sounds high to me - I would think 10% would be more in line with most players’ point of concern if they are interested in this kind of alert).

There is of course the argument against yet another warning that encourages lack of attentiveness and reliance upon CCP to save players from themselves. We already see players suffer from warning fatigue on the market, blowing past % alerts to commit unintended sales.

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50% was just an idea 10% would be fine for me too… (my alt has all ISK anyway) just to have any way to get a warning if u want would be very welcome here…

anybody don´t like it have to disable it 1 time and never get asked again… better than now with no warning for sure… i think u think the same :wink:

Yet another pop up to disable.

And then another when you undock an expensive ship.

why not ? lets play “popup online”

so you want that every alt of my get a fu*** notification if i undock in a 1% CPU / PWG implant ? oO thats amazing … you should start use your brain because nobody need such notification spam



Oh wait, OP can’t spell “you”, “your” or “you’re”.

No wonder he can’t remember to check which pod he’s in.
Remembering checking ones implants by pressing a hotkey and clicking a button is a serious cognitive challenge!

Aren’t all games better the more nanny state they become?

While we are at it can it also warn me when I unlock my over blinged officer fit dominix?

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Warnings are nothing to do with “nanny states”. You seem to have confused threats of punishment with warnings about the potential outcomes of mistakes.

For example, warning labels on cigarette packages are not evidence of a nanny state. What a nanny state does is ban cigarettes and put people in jail for selling them, using them, possessing them or any combination of the above.

Warnings are just helpful in and of themselves.

I keep my character sheet open to the clones tab and covering the undock button. Works for me.

And I generally did not forget to stow my drones before warping off without a pop up, but my friend did constantly. I see there is now a pop-up for that. Its certainly not causing me any issues.

Sure, but there is more nuance to clones than drone abandonment. If a player is unaware of the value of their current active clone, they probably also don’t realize what clone it is - which means they may be missing out on intended implant benefits. Training awareness behaviors is important to ensure use of the correct clone, and reliance on the warning will not encourage players to think about their implants - only total clone value.

That doesn’t mean it is without benefit, but it is worth considering that there are nuances to clone usage that may cause the proposed warning to not really be effective for many, or even most, situations.

Its worth noting that recent changes have been made to clones that help with the issue. I wonder if the OP noticed?

For example you can now name your clones. It all looks really good and useful to me.

I checked this out and it looks like I am wrong. The term is also popularly leveled at mere warnings.

I think that’s pretty useless to having a helpful and functional term, assuming the warnings are fair and based on fact. The more factual information and options I have, the happier I am. Its people who seek to remove my factual information outlets and take away my options that annoy me and I see as “actual problems”…100 percent in the real world, but a bit less so in EVE given the need for problems to overcome that can only be programmed in.

An example would be a reduction in restaurant soda sizes often called a “nanny state” move. But if I want more soda the solution is simple: buy another soda. I lost no options there so I don’t call it “nanny state”. And anyone complaining of the cost should be at home cooking and not wasting money at a restaurant.

why not just those expensive implants can drop and can be looted.

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