Pod Protect - Instant notification if you're in the wrong ship for your implants

After years of playing Eve, I would still find myself un-docking in a ship that didn’t match the implants I had in my clone. For example, un-docking a capital with Virtues. After talking to my corp mates, and browsing zkill, this is a more common problem than me just being bad at eve.

So I put my head down for a few weeks and am now able to present to you Pod Protect to solve this problem. https://evepodprotect.com - sign-up today, be notified when it launches in 1-2 weeks.

Pod Protect uses ESI to constantly check your current ship and current implants. Through the website, you are able to select which implants you want to use with each ship. If your implant set doesn’t match what you’ve chosen for the ship, you receive an in-game eve-mail from PodProtector within a few seconds.

Video Demo

How it works

  1. Once you log into the Pod Protect website, you are able to select which implant types you plan to use with each ship. There are a bunch of defaults set. Once set, the website can be closed.
  2. Pod Protect runs 24/7 on dedicated servers constantly checking your ESI. First, it checks if you are online (this saves significant processing resources if you are not). Second, Pod Protect checks your current ship and current implants from ESI.
  3. If your current ship and implants do not match your selection, Pod Protect sends you an in-game Eve-Mail to let you know that they don’t match.

This whole process takes about 2 seconds and is repeated over and over. If you change ships, you receive an eve-mail almost instantly.

Protecting Privacy Through ESI

It was really important for me to limit the access Pod Protect needs in order to protect privacy. Pod Protect uses the following ESI roles:

  • Esi-location.read_ship_type.v1
  • Esi-clones.read_implants.v1
  • Esi-location.read_online.v1

Pod Protect does not have access to your location, assets, mail, or wallet.

Coming soon

Although Pod Protect is not available today, I encourage you to go ahead and sign up. This will allow me to notify you in-game when Pod Protect launches broadly. This will happen in 1-2 weeks as I finish up bug crushing and scale testing.

Beta Testers

Sign-up and eve-mail me in-game if you would like to request access to the beta today. I’m looking for users to provide feedback to make the service better before launch. In-game char: PodProtector

How much will it cost?

Due to the server overhead and costs associated with running Pod Protect, I will be charging a monthly/annual ISK subscription. I think of Pod Protect as insurance against losing my 1B training implants. I haven’t decided how much this will cost yet. I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve already built the website to handle automatic subscription activation based on in-game payments

Thank you!

I am ready for beta testing to start. If you would like to beta test, please reply below or ping me in-game.

I’ve built Clone Guard - Never lose a training clone which was basically the same and I approve of this service.

Had a chat with @PodProtector and he seems like an all around fine person. UI looks nice and is far more easy than my version :smiley:

Pod Protect is now live! - I’m offering a free 7-day trial so you can see if it works for you.

Sign up at: https://evepodprotect.com

Based on feedback from the community and users, I am lowering the price to 10 million isk per month. We’ve already prevented nearly 10 billion isk worth of wrong implant undocks.

The free trial has also been extended to 14 days, so give it a shot!

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