Why a new pod should cost money

There is no way the pod is free and i imagine a new clone lacks the necessary interface for implants when it comes out. So there ought to be a fee for getting a new pod and an additional fee if you wish to use implants.

But here is why it shouldn’t cost money: What if you cant afford it? Game over?

I take it back. This idea is too radical for an established game especially the one i gave further down. Thx for reading and giving suggestions. Have a nice day.

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Whether fresh out of an academy or a grizzled veteran, a capsuleer has a skill set that is always in high demand, with a tremendous variety of work available. Here is a breakdown of a few fields where capsuleers can commonly be found.

In other words, you’ll never run out of ISK, you will always be able to make more. Just hit Board my Corvette and off you go :slight_smile:

Whoa this lore should be rewritten immediately. The pod should give everyone equal power meaning there is no discrimination and it dosent matter if you are hard at hearing, poor physical condition, young, old, male female or whatever. The pod evens the playing field and allows anyone to fly. That is the magic imo. But maybe thats too boring when i think about it. It would basically be the opposite of Gattaca which is a movie i for one enjoy.

Why does every single idea of yours always revolve around adding more tedium?


I dont know. Maybe i am chaos and destruction. Sociopathic. Or maybe you are?

No, you are just unoriginal. Basically CCP because that’s what they do most of the time as well.

If you can live with the idea of the POD being magically free and the clone somehow comes out with wiring and interface for the implants go ahead but that aint me. There may be reasons its free and curious to hear them.

I can very well live with that. CCP removed clone grades (ie. your clone/pod cost) because they inhibited gameplay and engagement.

I remember that. But i think they took it to the other extreme instead. Its better i guess. But there is an opportunity to make death something a bit more special (again?)

With the modern day gamers? Surely you jest. :joy: They’d be up in arms that their deaths aren’t free anymore.

We dont want the modern day gamers. We want the best. And they deserve the best. And free pods dont make sense. I can go on and on.

I mean if you can’t afford a 1million ISK fee then I think you are playing the game wrong. :sunglasses:

No poors?

PS: citidel clone bays can cost zero isk!

What if it just cost 1 plex to revive. Just 1. Would that be too harsh? They could give everyone 100 plex for free when they introduce it. That is 100 free deaths. Lets go. EVE Online has tried to appease the casual gamers for the last 10 years and it hasnt worked it seems. Online player count is near decade lows. So what do they have to lose? Maybe the last few thousand players that play

Why not just make it so there aren’t any clones? You die and that’s it. You lose everything.

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If pods are that cheap, then someone somewhere will probably always be willing to cover the cost in exchange for debt. I mean, any player could find a way to make the money back (Assuming it just a couple million isk) and pay off the debt. It could become a good business bailing out people who cant afford a new pod themselves by paying it for them in exchange for debt? Imagine being stuck in a station until someone gives you money for pod etc. :smiley: I guess this should never be a thing in games even tho it was in eve online for a while afaik

Heres an interestin question. What is more likely to make a player quit? Winning or losing?

Technically a player that cannot afford a new ship or even a pod did not lose much when he died? Or most of the damage was done when he died in which case giving him a free pod and corvette doesent do much? And if thats the case then the “hardcore” approach is preferable because it makes having isk more rewarding. You are self suffecient and dont have to beg or borrow to leave the station upon being cloned. This 100% more preferable compared to the current model where pod is free. It robs established and competent players if you will of something. It really does.

But maybe a contingent of players can be loud enough so that this sort of feature is retired. Why isnt my pod free. Why do i have to pay isk just to leave station after dying. Why? Im going to leave a bad review. unless you give me a pod for free and throw in a corvette as well otherwise i will quit playing

Maybe i am completely off base

Oh look, a thread about more dumb ideas.


There is.

Well…that was a short thread.

Kind of like some small skill point loss each time a capsule is distroyed in Space or when a Capsuleer decides to Self-Destruct clone?

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