Login issues

Cannot logon to game been like this for an hour - notice pop going down - is there another DDOS attack?

I could log in and am still logged in.

I’m having the same issues. Can’t log in.

That isn’t the right category.

I was able to login with 2 of my 4 accounts from the same PC, once logged in can’t undock without lag. Looks like a DDoS

Boy, CCP sure knows how to piss people off. :wink: A 2nd DDoS attack in how long? Lets see if they cave and revert the changes like they did with blackout. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yep, seemed to start happening a few hours ago. I couldn’t Log Off, and had to reset the computer to get out of the logoff process. Then logging back in I come to the “Done processing bulk data” and hung :frowning:

Authentication takes 10 mins and then Bulk data sits there forever, I am in Massachusetts and it started for me at 4PM EST yesterday

I’m still having problems logging in from Chicago, IL.

Have the same issue. Right after I re-subbed. Sorry guys I caused this, the game hates me

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I had problems, but simply restarting my pc solved it. Lucky me! :smiley:

seems to be authentication - if it takes more then 30 secs I cannot get in. If I just reload game each time I can get in once Authentication gets through under 30 secs

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