Another ddos attack?

(Warrior Xena) #1

still cant login.

Daily routine now.

(Whitehound) #2

All fine here. CCP had it fixed pretty fast actually.

Some players may have seen after-effects from the mitigation against the DDoS, but that’s now 2 days ago. Looks all good now. See for yourself:

If you’re still having problems then it’s more likely a problem on your end. Reboot your router and PC. See if this does anything. Try a VPN and check if it’s connected to your IP address and ISP.

(Warrior Xena) #3

All the traceroute and pings they had me try work except to the ccp server.

Other players have problems too just that its not possible to login to forums either to post them. I have a browser tab where i was already logged thats why i can post.

(ISD Buldath) #4

Please look here for information regarding connection issues.

(ISD Buldath) #5