USA players unable to login for over 48+ hrs now without, regardless of DDOS attack/server statuses

Hi, I’m a player from the USA and have been completely unable to login for roughly 48 hours now. The best myself or any other US corpmates can get is 1-2 accounts online after ~15 minutes of waiting, but clients remain completely unresponsive and the server closes the connection shortly after.


I have same issue no login , living in Denmark

I have also problems trying to log in from Indonesia

Connection Timeout - The server did not initiate the compatibility-handshake within a reasonable amount of time.

Its because CCP is being DDoSed, ffs.

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I’m from Los Angeles and I was able to log on and stay connected for hours on end. Needless to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in eve for a few months. No ganking, no PVE. Popping off pilots who lost connections near gates. Good times!!! (Define: Sarcasm). But seriously I was able to get on last night without any issues. Hopefully they are able to get everyone back in.

Same problem right now. Was attempting to connect for 20 minutes already… Btw i guess we should insist on compensation for these (already 72 hours long!) issues… Greetings from Russia!

yep, 3rd evening, problems with conections, then playing, trying to conect and etc

I was having the same issue for a while even after they said the DDOS was contained each time (though it seems to keep coming back).

I flushed my dns and restarted…after that I was able to login much quicker. Just an idea. Won’t stop you from being knocked off if they do something again, but it at least made it easier to get back on after things were straightened out.

Well, didnt know what is helped: is it my eve online reinstal or ccp fixed problem? but now its work :slight_smile:

All I know is my corp has West Coast players and they have not been able to log in for two days.

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Having the same type of problems. Taking 5 minutes to log in, then game play is extremely slow. Will take over 30 seconds to dock a ship, tried doing a relic site, each click would take over 10 seconds. After DT, the game play is excellent, but this is occuring at 4pm EST and later.

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For for the past few days we have experienced Lag, rubber banding, random drops, and connection failed messages. Has any progress been made to resolve this? This is the worst I have seen in my 14 years of playing eve.

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3 days crashing. Can’t play

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I live in New York and I have had the same problems for 72 hours. Worse I have seen also in 14 years actively playing eve online. I agree there should be some compensation.

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The client keeps disconnecting. The game closes.

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Would be really nice to hear something from Devs about this. Over 3 days now and totally unplayable.

Eve Status hasn’t posted anything for over 24 hours now.


can’t log in now after DT 90 mins in still waiting.

Same was for me, for almost 90 mins.
I’ve found a little workaround. There are 2 variants of “Couldn’t connect message”:

  1. Couldn’t connect to port 26000 - NO CHANCE close
    this window.
  2. Couldn’t connect but tranquility stated as - ok and number of player shown. HIT CONNECT again and you’re in.
    P.S. It seems CCP hired/ordered Neustar DDoS protection, and in my case traceroute traffic dying just after Hope they will fix this issues.

Mine dies after it hits as well

Having all the same issues- USA 2 days now