Login issues?

Anyone having problems?

I have issue logging in. I’m in NA

yes black screen on undock. client dies.

multiple reattempts takes minutes then nothing and dies again

Connection lost immediately on login

Got kicked and can’t log back in. East Coast, Maryland.

Midwest USA here. No issues at all.

Can’t login, EU.

Yep…just got home from work, and can’t connect. Only have an hour to play, too…figures.

went into a WH got dcd, having connection issues logging back on and connecting to eve’s server

Same here suddenly… Europe

Easy to tell since less than 10k people online now.

Same issues. Toronto, Canada.

+9 Time Zone…having issues…

Dropped two accounts and can’t log-in…

kicked out from abyssal space…

Client starts and loads. Gets past “Processing bulk data” then black screen until it errors on “Lost Server Connection”.

Massive disconnect. It’s not me CCP, it’s you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i got kicked out of jita :partying_face:

Got kicked from the game due to connection problems, cannot login anymore. It loses connection just before the character selection screen. (Germany)

… 5 minutes later … it works again
… 35 mins later, not working anymore

DCed cant log back in

Got bumped offline and cannot log in, East Coast USA.