Lost Connection in Abbys - Eve Login is not working ( from website perspective too )

Now my Navy Omen is in Abbys, but I can’t log in again to the game…
I want this ship back…

My internet connection is fine, but Eve Login seems to not work at all…

Similar way you have taken the Vigilian from me…

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Progress after 5 mintues…

Can’t even try to log in…

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Here are two support articles that might help you here:

If you are still having issues, you can submit a ticket to our help center:

Submit a Support Ticket

Be sure to add the following information:

Network Diagnostics

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My connection was stable… However what I have noticed eve login services had some issues even trough the web browser.

I’ve reconnected to my network again. Reflushed all dns and renewed network setting.

Problem was on Your side.

If you insist your server was working correctly.
Why don’t you tell me straight it was all about to ■■■■ people’s valuable ships in abbys ?

This game is a pure gehenna and frustration. Taking a long brake from this crap…

@Carl_Varamesh only support can confirm if the service was working properly when you experienced issues, I recommend you contact them with details. They can then apply the Reimbursement Policy.

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Well you guys discuss with a former network embedded engineer working for Ericsson and Intel in the past.

There was no network error on my side. Maybe shadow client update or manipulation from Your side.

As you can see from the screenshots there were 2 errors during the process.

Firstly connection error on port, while my internet connection was fine.
Secondly the Start button dissapeared for the client and I’ve got shadow client update with new data download and then after that connection went back to normal.

I do not appreciate the way how you try to tell me the error is on my side.

And it’s below any stardards how this crap game has absolutely no mechanisms to prevent game assets loss in case of souch errors on Your side.

In this case I have a deep understanding how the network works, and tools like Wireshark are my common bread.

I find it a little disgusting when 1st support line try to persuade network expert and software architect there’s an error on my side.

Game uninstalled. There’s no reason to come back.

Take care!

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