Are you experiencing issues staying connected to EVE Online?

Been disconnecting after palying for 15-45mins. Going to put in a Support TIcket

Los Angeles CA. spectrum

i submitted a ticket but the disconnects are constant. It has been this way since the extended down time.

I seem to be experienced some lag or some kind of connection issue. This started two hours ago :frowning:

Yeah, have been getting random dc’s in space and also docked.
Doesn’t happen with other games or streaming or or, yeah the list goes on.

Support ticket posted. I’ve also been getting random disconnects with otherwise rock solid and reliable internet.

Not arguing with anyone, but I spend a fair amount of time on my various alts, and I hardly ever see an unwanted disconnect. I’m in the UK, on a fast(ish) connection and hardwired to the router.

I have a different ISP and am experiencing connection issues. The issue is very clearly a symptom of the DDOS protection that was recently implemented as these connection losses occur somewhat randomly, do not affect all accounts simultaneously and seem to occur more frequently after performing an action (especially when undocking, entering new system, etc.)

Will make support ticket with details in the next days.

Getting repeated random disconnects since last downtime making the experience somewhat annoying. It starts with extreme lag and then socket closed often when changing system. I can log back in straight away without a problem, but it repeats with great frequency. Usually have very few problems.

Been trying to update my PI for the last half an hour with lag and socket closures every couple of minutes at best. Unable to complete :frowning:

Had no problems after downtime with a stable connection for over 6hrs.

Also having issues, when first logging in it’s occassionally an infinite black screen requiring me to use task manager to close the game.

Also big lag spikes followed by disconnects, jumping wormholes and docking in stations seem to cause the most trouble but I’ve had it happen randomly in space too.

What if you know someone who has submitted a ticket but it has gone unanswered for 18 or so days?

What if CCP hasn’t answered your ticket regarding connectivity issues for over 19 days? Self destruct?

like many others i experience lost connections to the eve servers multiple times a day. it is very frustrating.
i know i am not alone, and usually there is a visible dent in the player graph shown at eve offline when that happens.
i hope this gets fixed soon, as many (read: most) activities in eve just are not viable when the connection can drop at any moment.
i cant say when this started, but its a recent developement.
my location is germany, my connection is a fibre to the home, my isp is telekom. i do not suffer from packet loss and traceroute does not show any issues.

recieved a quick reply for my support ticket. the suggested solution was “refraining from PVPs or any strenuous activities that could cause casualties for you”.
right. ill stay docked then. i also cancled my subsctiptions. i feel a reimbusement of gametime was in order here, this does not feel right…

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Like many others I spend many hours on Eve and never see these ‘multiple disconnection’ issues. While I’m not claiming they don’t happen I think there must be a specific combination of circumstances triggering the disconnects, rather than a singular cause. What’s your ping to Eve like, and how many steps on your traceroute ?

That’s just weird…

I have disconnect problems currently, actually for a while now, (Germany/DTAG) and have made a pretty ticket #1270058 with logs and all.

Been disconnecting from EVE only when doing HQ sites for 3 weeks now, put a ticket in 2 weeks ago but still no answer or even acknowledgement of the problem. I’ve put everything I can do into the ticket from logs to speed tests, even a complete format of pc and reinstall of everything but CCP cant be arsed to help me figure out why.

been having them ever since June 10th issues.
for a couple of days they stopped but then returned again.
Consistently every day i get 2-3 disconnects.
I travel, and i experience disconnects both when i am in US and EU ( very different providers )

I am

random disconnects pretty much every session
some times multiple one after another,
extremely annoying and irritating, especially when doing time sensitive tasks during exploration

Having disconnects since a few hours ago. EVE client would crash with an error message: “EVE Online connection lost”. I am able to reconnect right away. Happens every 10-15 minutes.

having alot of connection issues the last couple days

Yes did the reboot modem and router routine.

still having disconnects darn it

Clients started to randomly disconnect today every 10 - 15 minutes