Cannot stay connected for more than a few minutes D/C

Anyone else experiencing similar issues? I can log in etc but all 3 clients will drop after a short time connected. Longest I stayed connected was about 10 minutes, everything else on PC is working perfectly fine having no connection issues in other games.

I got a error popup saying:

[‘reasonCode’: None. ‘reason’: u’The connection to the server was closed.’. ‘exception’: error(10054. ‘An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host’). ‘reasonArgs’: {}}}


I can connect and play on Singularity server just fine, seems to only be an issue on Tranquility.

I am having the same problems. For some reason one of my characters has been able to login and stay on for a little longer, but he is also disced after a few minutes. The others cannot get on at all.

I have received numerous error messages, most recently: “network communication between your computer and the EVE Online Server has been interrupted…”

I have tried troubleshooting by changing my WiFi connection, resetting router, running network diagnostics on the EVE Client Launcher, etc. A few corpmates have reported similar issues, but it seems like most people are able to login and play as normal. What’s going on… :frowning:

Yep having the same issue seems to have gotten worse as the day has gone on…

I just submitted a support ticket regarding this.

same here… Im really getting tired of this

Same issue, been going on since 10am EST for me. Was playing just fine for about an hour and then these disconnect issue started happening. One of my alts (on same account) can stay logged in for about 5 minutes, but the other 2 are DC’d almost upon clicking their character button.

I submitted a ticket a couple hours ago but haven’t heard back Yet.

Tried the following with no success:

  • Switching from wifi to hard wired
  • Changed router DNS from opendns to google dns to ISP dns
  • Verified video and LAN drivers up to date
  • Deleted cache from %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\
  • Deleted cache from inside game client using Reset Settings
  • Uninstall and reinstalled the entire game, placing the new installation on a different drive

Not sure what else I can do at this point. My ISP has been rock solid all day, nothing else dropping and 300mbps download speed with 13ms ping and 5ms jitter.

Feels like this is something from the small patch.

I have been in contact with the support team. I will let you know when they give me some more information or fix the issue. Alternatively, you could try creating a support ticket like I did.

I finally get in, do PI then undock… Disconnected… Cant connect so I restart system. Clear cache, login. In space so Im warping, disconnected. I mean come on CCP. Did EA take over?

Haha, I was trying to do PI, too. I got a couple planets reset then dipped. :frowning:

I’ve read that other people are having the same issue, but I’m not sure if it’s widespread enough to gain attention by CCP as there’s nothing on the forums or on eve-status Twitter account about it.

I am able to stay logged in to Singularity for as long as I want, but Tranquility is now just DC’d at the point of selecting a character.

Im so sick of this horseshit. Lost another ship to Disconnection. Reimburse the ship, but not all the mods. Its still on the killboard. If this ■■■■ continues Im going cancel and play ■■■■■■■ RoBlox because it has better support than this ■■■■ show

I am eastern US Tz too, maybe this has something to do with it???

I submitted my ticket and got a response they asked for me to run some logs and diagnositcs and attach it. Waiting to hear back to see what they come up with.

Eastern US TZ too

I’d bet there is an issue with the server that we are hitting when trying to connect.

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yep, michigan

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US East coast player. Get DC’d immediately upon login. Has been like this all day.

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Same for me, the only way I could continue playing was to get a VPN… Hope they get this fixed cause it just cost me money now.

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Interesting to see we are all US Eastern – I wondered if that might be the case. Maybe I will look into getting a VPN as well. I had considered it before for other reasons, but if it worked for you then maybe it is worth it.

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